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15.02.2017 Crate Packer Kettner Blitzpac JUNIOR KETTNER GMBH Blitzpac JUNIOR E 3 T
Crate Packer Kettner Blitzpac JUNIOR KETTNER GMBH Blitzpac J
Crate Packer Kettner Blitzpac JUNIOR A crate packer made by Kettner in 1999. This machine loads and unloads bottle crates. Used to work with 0.5 liter bottles and 24 bottle crates. The equipment is currently dismantled and in a warehouse. Manufacturer: Kettner GmbH Type: Blitzpac JUNIOR E 3 T Year: 1999 Capacity: 300 loads hour Electricity: 3 x 380 V – 50 Hz Control voltag ...
  FI   76803286
11.02.2017 Folding box packaging machines KOREA CORRUGATE CARDBOARD
Folding box packaging machines KOREA CORRUGATE CARDBOARD
Corrugate cardboard (box paper) cutter Make:Kooksung(Korea) Year;2015 BMJ KOREA CO.,LTD DIRECTOR:JONGDUK E-MAIL:paekJs1961@gmail.com MOBILE)+82-10-7499-2567
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  KR   76017088
09.02.2017 packaging line WEBER/MULTIVAC U.A. diverse
packaging line WEBER/MULTIVAC U.A. diverse
Condition: well-kept and operational Availability: as of calender week 10 Consisting of: Slicer Brand: Weber type: slicer 902 year: 1999 Packaging machine Brand: Multivac type: R530 year: 1999 Labeller Brand: MR labeling technology type: MR railway labeling system 641 model OU year: 1999 Metal detector Brand: Mesutronic type: Metron 2.2C.
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  DE   75563846
09.02.2017  ARODO C- gi- I
ARODO C- gi- I
10- 25 kg 1400 hour
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  FI   75563729
09.02.2017 Butter packing machines SIG FZ
Butter packing machines SIG FZ
Used butter packing machine Brand: SIG Type: FZ Packing size: 500 gr. Dimensions: 350 x 160 cm x 160 cm (LxWxH) including video Jet printer
  DE   75563719
09.02.2017 Butter packing machines SIG F140
Butter packing machines SIG F140
SIG F140 250 gr. 60 punchesmin Capacity: 900 kg h wrapping in aluminum foil parchment paper Condition: Very good
  DE   75563708
09.02.2017 Butter packing machines TREPKO XPG-40
Butter packing machines TREPKO XPG-40
Used butter packing machine Brand: Trepko Type: XPG-40 capacity: 200KG-1500KG 70 punches per minute Dimensions: 140cm x 150cm x 140cm (LxWxH) Country of origin: Denmark YOM: 1990's Packages: between 50 g and 350 g
  DE   75563697
03.02.2017 Shell-type sealing devices MULTIVAC Galaxy TS 355
Shell-type sealing devices MULTIVAC Galaxy TS 355
Status: operational Availability: as of now
offer is possible  
  DE   74658216
01.02.2017 Food packaging machines G. MONDINI S.P.A. E 392 VG
Food packaging machines G. MONDINI S.P.A. E 392 VG
G. Mondini S.p.A. traysealer, model: E 392 VG, serial number: 25.02-041, year of construction: 10 09 04, 400 V, 3 Ph, 50 Hz, dye: (4x) 260 mm x 160 mm, extra dye: (8x) 270 mm x 80 mm, plastic thread belt, belt width: 245 mm, plastic transport belt, belt width: 287 mm, total dimensions: 4100 mm x 1000 mm x 2150 mm.
used machinery auction RESALE 12,500 €  
  DE   74413079
28.01.2017 Plastic packaging machines KUPER KFE-TAN2 1600/450
Plastic packaging machines KUPER KFE-TAN2 1600/450
Auction name:Insolvency Nolte-Möbel GmbH & Co. KG Public Online Auction -51986 Start of auction: 28 January 2017 12:00 GMT +0200 (Western Europe (DST) Closing time: 21 February 2017 09:00 GMT +0200 (Western Europe (DST) The price listed is an opening bid To participate in the auction and for more information go to: sales@dechow.de
used machinery auction RESALE 9,000 €  
  DE   73839261
27.01.2017 Food packaging machines ILPRA 1402 VG
Food packaging machines ILPRA 1402 VG
The FOODPACK 1402 VG is a completely automatic tray sealer designed for high productions. The mechanical movement of this model results in a very high working precision. Because of the wide sealing area the FP 1402 VG is equipped with an airoil booster which gives off a pressure of 7 tons to grant a perfect sealing.
offer is possible  
  PL   73598652
28.01.2017 vacuum foil packaging machine CRYOVAC 8310-14V
vacuum foil packaging machine CRYOVAC 8310-14V
F 104 1 semi-automatic working Cryovac vacuum packaging system consisting of: POS. 1 1 Cryovac vacuum Rotary filler packing machine Model 8310-14V 5 vacuum chambers for the packaging of products from 700 g to 2 kg Space 1,70 x 2,30 m with a vacuum cleaner and round waste bin for bags of remnants of plastic after the bag closing process with a Busch vacuum pump To promote with 1 plastic chain conveyor, length 80 cm with motor drive to the coming out of the Cryovac packaging machine round Windrunner packaging to the shrink  ...
BN 29,000 €
offer is possible  
  PL   71840559
03.01.2017 Wrap-Around Traypacker OYSTAR A+F
Wrap-Around Traypacker OYSTAR A+F
Product format: 0.50.751l, for trays or carton with 6812 products, capacity: 26cyclesh (aprox. 9000pkgh).
  DE   71694466
03.01.2017 Automatic Bundling Machine  Pack 150 CEFMA CefmaPack 150
Automatic Bundling Machine Pack 150 CEFMA CefmaPack 150
Formats: 1 and 2 litres, packing patterns: 2x1 3x1 4x1 2x1 Duo, with handle application. The machine was barely in use.
  DE   71674451
27.12.2016 Jabelmann + Upmann Sorting and packing line for po JABELMANN + UPMANN
Jabelmann + Upmann Sorting and packing line for po JABELMANN
Brand Jabelmann ID 5106 Status Active Price 7.000 € + VAT Year of manufacture 2009 Location Ex Works Oradea, Romania Files 09__euro-brushing_machine.pdf 2008-d.pdf Jabelmann year 2009 Upmann refurbished in 2008 sold only together for potatoes, onions, carrots, beetroot, mangolds, apples etc.
7,000 €
offer is possible  
  RO   71648725
SCHIB A-013 Packing machine SCHIB A-013
Brand Altele Model SCHIB A-013 ID SH3200 Status Active Price 3.200 € + VAT Year of manufacture 2007 Location Ex Works Bucharest
3,200 €
offer is possible  
  RO   71514420
19.12.2016  TAMTAS VP 210/280
TAMTAS VP 210/280
The vertical pillow-pack machine (VP 210280) is a universal and very flexibly applicable system. Turkish machine manufacturers (TAMTAS), currently in Munich for a year in operation, and is used for the packaging of potato chips. Is horizontal (ceiling height!), can be arranged but also vertically. Parts of the packaging machine:-a conveyor belt between the scale and packaging centre,. -Another new style as spare parts, - 3 format sets with respective gas flush device, as well as - a transport to do so.
90,000 €  
  DE   71478358
Packaging facilities TETRA PAK TCAP 47 cap Applicator
Tetra Pak Cap applicator Type: CAP 47 y.o.c.: 2002 for TBA-1000 S Price on request
offer is possible  
  NL   71250716
13.02.2017 Packaging Machine for Mozzarella PFM PV260
Packaging Machine for Mozzarella PFM PV260
Mozzarella packaging machine with outlet conveyor manufacturer: PFM Italia Type: PV260 1.D Year of construction 1997 Condition: used, dismantled
offer is possible  
  DE   71250639
09.12.2016 Food packaging machines CRYOVAC Cryovac rotary vacuum packer
Food packaging machines CRYOVAC Cryovac rotary vacuum packer
Cryovac Octopus vacuum packer Type: VR8600B-18 Serial no.: 0723593 Year of construction: 1999 Power: 3x400V,50Hz,18A,20kW Air pressure: 4 - 6 bar Max. product size: 650 x 400 x 250 mm Max. bag width: 450 mm Capacity: up to 30 packagesminute (depending on product characteristics) Dimensions: 5515 x 3480 x 1950 mm Cryovac shrink tunnel Type: ST98-600 Serial no.: A54300316 Year of construction: 1999 Heating: Electric Power: 3x400V,50Hz,125A, 80kW Electronic water level control and temperature control up to 95°C  ...
offer is possible  
  NL   71036474
06.12.2016 Line for production of cans HEMA (FRANCE)
Line for production of cans HEMA (FRANCE)
Used line for production of cans, made by "Hema" (France). The line consists of: 1. Dispenser DM CB 60, new 1989. dispensingfilling metal packaging (cans): - 450 cm3 capacity - 110 unitsminute - 200 cm3 capacity - 160 unitsminute 2. Vacuum crimp SHV 60 A, new 1989. Size of cans for crimping: - Cabinet height: 20-120 - Diameter of round cans: 45-100 3. The device for feeding cans with the washer down the feed conveyor, and a can dispenser. At the end of the line is located cans washer.
42,500 €
offer is possible  
  PL   70939901
29.11.2016 Filling Line RATIONATOR
Rationator 6 head 5 litre filling line comprising: Rationator filler type Robomat 5000, year 1992, rotary valve pistons; Rationator single head pick and place capper type Phantom NP, year 1992, complete with large cap hopper and sorter bowl; Trepak missing cap detector reject system type KD-200-3. Line speed on 5 litre bottles 25 per minute. Line running right to left. Excellent condition
60,000 GBP
offer is possible  
  UK   70776975
29.11.2016 Leak Detector ROMMELAG HVLD 924
Leak Detector ROMMELAG HVLD 924
The Rommelag HVLD high voltage leak detector operates based on the high voltage test method and the electrical conductivity of the fill product packaged in a non-conductive plastic ampoule. The system is designed for fully-automatic in-line leak testing of ampoule blocks. If any leak is present, the discharge current will flow through the pinhole into the container and the detection of this current will automatically cause the container to be rejected. The high voltage leak detector represents a testing method without risk of contamin ...
145,000 GBP
offer is possible  
  UK   70776973
29.11.2016 Cap Tightener NEWMAN 2CRT
Cap Tightener NEWMAN 2CRT
All stainless steel construction semi automatic in line cap tightener. Two sets of tightening wheels. Variable speed drive. Maximum speed up to 80 bottles per minute depending on bottles and application. Fully adjustable torque control; Can cap both round and rectangular bottles. Cap size range: 16mm to 55mm diameter, including trigger spray caps. Fully adjustable, no change parts required. Fitted to a stainless stand complete with guards. Can be mounted over an existing conveyor. 240v single phase supply. Machine size: 750mm x 650mm ...
4,500 GBP
offer is possible  
  UK   70776940
29.11.2016 Screw Capper CMC
Screw Capper CMC
Single head screw capper with vacuum pick and place system. Comes with Riley sorter bowl on ss stand. Capper size: 2000mm x 1120mm x 1970mm high, approx. weight 300kg. CHECKEDTESTEDRUNNING
9,000 GBP
offer is possible  
  UK   70776938
22.11.2016  LAUDENBERG doypack type
LAUDENBERG doypack type
Used sachet packing machine for loose products, made by Laudenberg. New 1994. Capacity up to 80 cycles per minute. Flat bags welded on four sides, and stand-up pouches doypack. Dosing of the product with drawers, adjustable automatically.Dimensions bags:- Width from 80mm to 160mm.- Height of 100mm. to 210mm.Efficient machine in good condition.
27,000 €
offer is possible  
  PL   70106542
20.11.2016 Packing machines for the paper JAPAN 2700mm
Packing machines for the paper JAPAN 2700mm
Paper box machine line 1. Printer Make:UmetaniJ(JAPAN) Year:1993 2colors 2.Paper box machine Make:Morimura(Japan) Year;1982 width:2700mm 3.Glue machine Make:Seico(Japan) Year:1982 BMJ KOREA CO.,LTD DIRECTOR:JONGDUK E-MAIL:paekJs1961@gmail.com MOBILE)+82-10-7499-2567
offer is possible  
  KR   69639147
offer is possible  
  RO   69101310
offer is possible  
  RO   69101246
SCREW CAPPER MACHINE, Maximum capacity = 24000 pcshourThe machine is a part of a line with: Vacuum Bottle Liquid Filler Machine, Rinsing Machine, Labeling Machine.The price is negotiable for the complete line.
2,500 €
offer is possible  
  RO   68832955

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