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11.02.2017 Automatic Crate Magazine Vertical Storage System SASIB BEVERAGES S.P.A. Simonazzi Magazzino Casse Vert
Automatic Crate Magazine Vertical Storage System SASIB BEVER
Automatic Crate Magazine Vertical Storage System SIMONAZZI An automatic crate magazine storage system made by SASIB in 1998. The system consists of two magazine storages. The larger magazine stacks crates in three parallel rows, it has two infeed and two outfeed lanes of conveyors and the storage capacity is over 600 crates. The other magazine has the capacity of over 200 crates, is built upon a single conveyor lane and both the infeed and outfeed are from the same side. The storage magazines have been used as buffers between cra ...
  FI   76017084
10.02.2017 palletizing plant with industrial robot TANSNOFA RUF ABB / IRB 640 - ABB IRBT 6002S
palletizing plant with industrial robot TANSNOFA RUF ABB / I
Palletising system with industrial robot, stretching, labelling Robot: ABB IRB 640 Track motion: ABB IRBT 6002S mechanical disassembly: by buyer Condition: well-kept, operational Documentation: available Available: as of 19.06.2017 Procedure places: Variable from 1-7 Description Complete palletizing system consist of: Feeder railways (see current layout) Robot: ABB manufacturer type: IRB 640 (see attached technical documentation) track motion (traversing carriage) manufacturer: ABB type: 6002 S 4002 S Video of th ...
BN 62,250 €
offer is possible  
  DE   75719371
10.02.2017 Crate Unloading and Loading System ABB ROBOTS IRB6400 M97A SASIB Robokombi DECA 5-5T
Crate Unloading and Loading System ABB ROBOTS IRB6400 M97A S
Crate Unloading and Loading System with ABB Industrial Robots Automatic robot packaging system made by SASIB in 1998. The system is used for loading bottles in crates with the maximum capacity of 80.000 bph. It includes six floor-mounted robots and a control unit. The robots are made by ABB in 1998 and they are refurbished in 20102011. Production was stopped about one year after this refurbishment and therefore ABB robots are in good working order. ABB IRB 6400 robots have a 6-axis movement, a reach of 2.4 meters and maximum han ...
  FI   75719329
Automatic box taping top and bottom. Dimensions: 1200 mm x 850 mm x 1630 mm (height) -380 v -50 Hz -240 W Semi new machine.
offer is possible  
  ES   75563730
Brand: SOCO SYSTEM Year: 2011 Characteristics: Automatic box taping top and bottom. Semi new machine Very good conditions
offer is possible  
  ES   75563724
08.02.2017  GARVENS SL2 V8
Measuring range: up to 300 g Accuracy: 0.1 g see photos for more details
offer is possible  
  DE   75509710
08.02.2017 Turntable Stretch Wrapper SIAT HSD 1
Turntable Stretch Wrapper SIAT HSD 1
Pallet weight: 1200kg, max. pallet height: 21002400mm, turntable diameter: 1500mm, for pallets up to 1200x800mm.
  DE   75509270
15.02.2017  OLBRICH / MAF SWRM
Wallpaper Converting and Packing Unit Performance: 10 rollsmin Winding speed: 300 m min Roller-D, max.min: 350 60 mm Spec. Product-Weight: 600 80 gm² Width: 600 mm 3 Linies, each wiht Cutting- and Winding Automat, autom. Transportsystem (MAF), Filmpackint, shrinking Tunnel, card board box Packer. Wallpaper shrinked in Film and packed in Card Boxes.
offer is possible  
  DE   75250461
07.02.2017 Check weighers COLLISCHAN TC 8210-2
Check weighers COLLISCHAN TC 8210-2
2-lanes multiprocessor tare-gross checkweigher with high accuracy weighs of the content. Incl. 1 format part. Weighing range: up to 300 g.
offer is possible  
  CH   75250427
03.02.2017 Banderoling machines CYKLOP INTERNATIONAL Sprint 500
Banderoling machines CYKLOP INTERNATIONAL Sprint 500
Status: operational Availability: as of now
offer is possible  
  DE   74658185
01.02.2017 Shingle Loader CFS Shingle Loader
Shingle Loader CFS Shingle Loader
Packaging inserts for thermoforming machines Description Depositors of CFS for inserting packets into a thermoforming machine with width up to 590 mm. Machine is placed in the storage. Machine will professionally dismantled into two parts. Availability: as of now Weight: approx. 3500 kg Length (basic machine): 5500 mm Wide machine cabinet: 650 mm Wide range of transport: 920 + 235 mm Height of machine cabinet: 1524 mm Total height: 1960 mm Ground clearance: min. 150 mm Product height: 1-45 mm Capacity: up to approx. 18 ...
offer is possible  
  DE   74413188
31.01.2017 tablet deduster KRäMER
tablet deduster KRäMER
Tablet dust collectors without control unit, therefore not functional
BN 1,000 €
offer is possible  
  DE   74360891
31.01.2017 tablet deduster KRäMER
tablet deduster KRäMER
Dust collectors including metal detector met30 +; Control unit defective therefore not functional
BN 1,500 €
offer is possible  
  DE   74360889
31.01.2017 chiller AUTOTHERM AKL56
Cooling device for connection to blister or thermoforming machine, functional
BN 2,000 €
offer is possible  
  DE   74360887
31.01.2017 Deblister machine RPB BAUER Press Out D3600
Deblister machine RPB BAUER Press Out D3600
fully automatic unloading blister machine with sample format, working in good condition
BN 4,000 €
offer is possible  
  DE   74360880
31.01.2017 Check weighers GARVENS S2
Check weighers GARVENS S2
Run check weigher for folding cartons, right-left run. Belt width 100 mm; transport belts must be replaced, otherwise functional
BN 5,009 €
offer is possible  
  DE   74360876
31.01.2017 Collection table for cartons PESTER Pewo collect
Collection table for cartons PESTER Pewo collect
Table functional and in good condition
BN 7,500 €
offer is possible  
  DE   74360856
Packaging pads machine Kartonschredder: Power supply: 400V 50 Hz, rated current 6,7A, cutting capacity mmin 16, cutting width mm 440, cardboard thickness Max mm 20, engine power 3 KW, volume padding material m3hour up to 8 machine dimensions WxDxH mm 800x760x975mm, weight 270 kg
5,500 €
offer is possible  
  AT   74360731
31.01.2017 Turn Plate
Turn Plate
Diameter: 900 mm Height: 1000 mm (approx.) Supply: 380 V
BN 350 €
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  DE   74346786
30.01.2017  Bausch  Ströbel
Bausch & Ströbel
Rotary plate bolt-on not self-propelled Diameter: 700 mm Mobile task table H = 1000 mm
BN 250 €
offer is possible  
  DE   74192354
28.01.2017 Encasing Stork line for trays  format Brick Beige STORK Zebra
Encasing Stork line for trays format Brick Beige STORK Zebr
Encasing STORK line Model ZEBRA Case for trays of 36 units Brick Beige Base Format Briks spinner Dynamic divider of 1 lane to 6 lanes ways of continuous guided movement with telescopic guides. Adjustable system of input and output of the product. Stainless steel frame, with control cabinet and automatic Siemens S-7 Wrap-Around Machine Type : SL-25 Encasing system : Starting from flat carton, shape and encase the packages of briks. Capacity : 4 boxes minute. Pattern : 6 trays minute in display in 6 x 6  ...
offer is possible  
  ES   73839228
30.01.2017 Seamer MANZINI A 400
Seamer MANZINI A 400
Automatic seamer for round cans with 4 chucks, to work with round tin dimensions diameter 50 to 110, height 190 mm. 35 to Completely overhauled, including new electric board, PLC and Touch Screen, inverter.Automatic lubrification.Safety protections.Automatic feeding of lids. Seaming turret with 4 chucks and 16 seaming rolls for first and second operation. Cann feed within a straight line withhorizontal fingers.
60,000 €
offer is possible  
  PT   73598761
27.01.2017 Packaging machine RAPIDO-PAC
Packaging machine RAPIDO-PAC
Manufacturer: Rapido-PAC Length: approx. 0.76 m Width: approx. 0.53 m Height: 0,40 m Voltage: 230 V ~ 50 Hz
250 €
offer is possible  
  DE   73598410
25.01.2017 Carton Printing Machine KBA METRONIC Flexodruck 1060 - VSK S400
Carton Printing Machine KBA METRONIC Flexodruck 1060 - VSK S
  DE   73367733
24.01.2017 Blister Packaging Machine MARCHESINI MB430
Blister Packaging Machine MARCHESINI MB430
Blister Thermoformer, 400V, 70A. The pressurized air supply requires 150NLmin at 6bar. No forming tools.
  DE   73118763
22.01.2017 pallet streching machine PRIER
pallet streching machine PRIER
Properties < b >: < b >   good used Palettenstretcher of the manufacturer Prier Condition: fully functional with little signs of use Turntable diameter: 1500 mm Length: 2600mm Width: 1500mm Height: 2560mm Welded pallet fixation 800x1200mm with the stacker host Year of manufacture: 2000     Cupcake wrappers < b > < b >   The most economical and easiest kind of range backup is the ...
offer is possible  
  DE   72905282
21.01.2017 Turntable 80 cm
Turntable 80 cm
Turntable 80 cm, used, simple design, connection 230V with speed controller, Guide 5 cm high, working height 90 cm, height-adjustable machine (ca 15 cm) Lxwxh 105 x 80 x 80 No CE marking, manufacturer unknown, year unknown, fully functional
BN 777 €
offer is possible  
  DE   72757136
17.02.2017 Wrapping line suitable for pressed bales CROSS WRAP OY, FINLAND CDW 2200 DW 500
Wrapping line suitable for pressed bales CROSS WRAP OY, FINL
Manufacturer Cross Wrap Oy Ltd., Siilinjärvi, Finland Type CDW 2200 DW 500 Year of construction 2013 Hours of operation approx. 5.000 h Connected load 20 kW Voltage 3PNPE, 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz Control voltage 1224 VDC Nominal current 63 A Hydraulic pressure 190 bar Througput rate up to 80 th Effective width 1.200 mm Width of foil rolls 500 mm Total installing dimensions 18.739 x 7.616 x 3.769 mm (l x w x h) Total weight approx. 8.500 kg Single components Bale track no. 18 2.200 x 1.700 x 1.500 mm (l x w x h) Belt ...
  DE   72628828
19.01.2017 Cardboard Shredders CUSHION PACK CP 428 S / RC 2x40
Cardboard Shredders CUSHION PACK CP 428 S / RC 2x40
The following machines are for sale: (1) Cardboard shredder Cushion Pack CP 428 S, built 1998, cutting width: 420mm. (2) Roll cutter Cushion Pack RC 2x40, built 1998.
  DE   72522140
18.01.2017 Wrap Around Case Packer SMIflexi SMIFLEXI DIVISION WP350
Wrap Around Case Packer SMIflexi SMIFLEXI DIVISION WP350
Wrap Around Case Packer SMIflexi WP 350 Fridge This continuous motion wrap around case packer was made by SMI in year 2010. The equipment is in excellent condition and it has very limited operating hours. This case packer is currently set up for fridge packs (designed to fit into the limited space offered by fridge compartments) but it can be modified to pack cans and bottles in to various sizes of wrap around carton cases or on carton trays (no shrink film application). The machine is equipped with an electronic grouping syste ...
  FI   72506966

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