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30.05.2017 CNC Plastic Profile Saw KOTTMANN
CNC Plastic Profile Saw KOTTMANN
Horizontal wire saw, sheet dimensions: length 1000mm, width 500mm, thickness 40-300mm, includes CNC-Control, cutting patterns, EPS-Slab hacker, documentation. Suitable for EPS, PUR, possibly XPS.
  DE   100005795
30.05.2017 Milling Centre KURTZ Omnirout
Milling Centre KURTZ Omnirout
Sheet dimensions: length 1250-3000mm, width 1000-1250mm, thickness 40-250mm, includes sorting device, stacking machine, various milling patterns, documentation.
  DE   100005793
30.05.2017 Milling Centre SMB-DAVID 1020.2.NC
Milling Centre SMB-DAVID 1020.2.NC
Sheet dimensions: length 1000-1250mm, width 500-1250mm, thickness 40-250mm, includes sorting device, stacking machine, various milling patterns, slotting device, documentation.
  DE   100005791
30.05.2017 Cutting Line PTEG, KURTZ
Cutting Line PTEG, KURTZ
Block length: 10m, includes sub-machines: automatic sheet cutting machine (oscillating), conveyor belt, block alligning machine, edge-trimming machine, automatic format-cutting machine (oscillating), automatic slab-removal machine, de-stacking machine, documentation.
  DE   100005789
30.05.2017 EPS Cutting Line
EPS Cutting Line
Block length: 5m, sub-machines: thick cutter from Münchow u. HühneBrüser Year 1988, edge-trimming machine from Kurtz Year 2007, format station from Kurtz year 2007, upper-plate inspection machine from Kottmann Year 2000, destacking machine from Gonska u. Mues gbR Year 2000, tight packer from Desco Year 1993, palettizing machine from Kottmann Year 2000, includes various documents, designed for 2 person operator working space, 10 blocks per hour.
  DE   100005787
30.05.2017 EPS Block Press BERNDORF 5m
EPS Block Press BERNDORF 5m
Includes hydraulics with alternate motor, in- and outlet, documentation, technical drawings.
  DE   100005785
29.05.2017 Drying Chamber
Drying Chamber
Measurement: 19,7m15,0m4,54m, chamber: 3,80m15,0m5,54m, number of chambers: 5, application: drying EPS (Expandable Polystyrene) high frequency goods before finishing, includes documentation, heat exchanger, accessories.
  DE   99831639
18.05.2017 Slitting and Rewinding Machine KAMPF Universal
Slitting and Rewinding Machine KAMPF Universal
Slitting and Rewinding Machine thickness of Film, max.,: 300 gm2 Material Width, max.: 1.600 mm Unwindung, D max.: 1.200 mm Speed: 600 mmin Cutting width, min.max.: 150 mm 1.600 mm Unwinder D = 1.200 mm, Cutting-Unit with 7 Cutting-Knifes, (scissor-type), 2x Rewinder(with Drive) by contact-roller D = 800 mm, Edge-Cutting Strips aspiration grinder, cyclone and bag-feeding device. Slitting of PVC-Films, Laminates (PVC-Paper).
offer is possible  
  DE   96858057
Calender lines RODOLFO COMERIO 4 Roll Inverted L
Rodolfo Comerio 4 Roll Inv. L Calender 2000mm x 750mm Buss PR200. 11 Ld. 2 Roll Mixing Mill: R.Comerio cyl. Ø600 table 1800mm Calender: Rodolfo Comerio 4 Roll Inv.L – Cyl. Ø710mm table 2000mm Detachment: No. 12 cyl.Ø85mm table 2000mm Slide embossing roller. 320mm table 2000mm counterpart. 360mm table 2000mm Embossing n.4 rollers Coolers: 11 rollers Ø150 x 2000mm Cooling block n.4 Wheeled rollers Ø170 table 2000mm Blade cutting control unit Cooling unit after cutting No. 4 rolls Ø200mm table 2000mm Twin Scanner Thi ...
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  UK   96629189
Complete equipment and machinery to the crush, wash and granulate for sale of polyethylene films with an annual capacity of around 4,000 to off. The plant is located in West Europe; Liquidation by bankrupty. Auch Folien + Technik e. kfm. D-73773 Aichwald Tel. 0049 (711) 364341, fax 0049 (711) 363703
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  DE   96517761
Cooling mixers LU EYH
Mixers, drum mixers, working horizontally rotating cylinder, stainless steel. Speed is adjustable with built-in mixing tools, with volumes from 300 to 15,000 litres, the cylinder swings during the Misschzeit. Also with spray unit available. With inspection hatch, also to the rapid filling can be used. Also with a vacuum filling available
2,000 €
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  DE   94498799
05.05.2017 regranuling-line NORIS C 60
regranuling-line NORIS C 60
According to the description below
offer is possible  
  DE   93367426
05.05.2017  ANKELE AE 1-75-36D
ANKELE AE 1-75-36D
According to the description below
offer is possible  
  DE   93367424
05.05.2017 compounding-line COMPEX MPC 70-2
compounding-line COMPEX MPC 70-2
According to the description below
offer is possible  
  DE   93367396
05.05.2017 rotary-cutter GILLARD VAC-U-Torq 500-750
rotary-cutter GILLARD VAC-U-Torq 500-750
According to the description below
offer is possible  
  DE   93367394
05.05.2017  POLYALL THD-400-ET
According to the description below
offer is possible  
  DE   93367390
Polyurethane-processing-machinery HENNECKE HK
High pressure polyurethane Dosiermashine Hennecke HK 7-component mixing head Polyol 150 BARS - dosage 50-120 g sec Isocyanatdruck160 BARS dosage 30-80 g sec Additive printing 170 BARS dosage 5-20 g s more Technischebeschreibung PDF folder
offer is possible  
  DE   93048779
03.05.2017 bag making m/c for bottem welding LEMO INTERmat BSZ 1350
bag making m/c for bottem welding LEMO INTERmat BSZ 1350
bottom welded bags with or without side gussets, welding width: 1.350 mm, inline welding up to 6 webs, repeat length 220-700 mm, maximum stroke (mech.) 250 min., blocking station, hole - and handle hole punch, belt discharge table Servo machine with LEMOtronic to see in production
offer is possible  
  DE   92739518
28.04.2017 Horizontal Bandsaw HEMA HTR 600
Horizontal Bandsaw HEMA HTR 600
Year of construction: 2010 Machine No.: 627784 Blade length: 5900 mm Weight: 960 kg Nominal power: 11 A, frequency: 50 Hz, rated voltage: 400 V Perforated belt Length: 5720 mm Width: 1300 mm
offer is possible  
  DE   91312285
22.05.2017 Calender lines KORA ABS film
Calender lines KORA ABS film
ABS film Calander roll line Make:Korea Year;1997 BMJ KOREA CO.,LTD DIRECTOR:JONGDUK E-MAIL:paekJs1961@gmail.com Mobile:+82-10-7499 -2567
offer is possible  
  KR   90957188
22.05.2017 Calender lines KEUNSUN(KOREA) 62inch
Calender lines KEUNSUN(KOREA) 62inch
PVC Film(Rigid and Soft) production calender roll line. Make:Keunsun(Korea) Year: 2014~2017(Calender :2014, another;brand new) Roll width:62inch Roll diameter;14inch Product length;1000mm Rigid film speed:20mmin Soft film speed:50mmin BMJ KOREA CO.,LTD DIRECTOR:JONGDUK E-MAIL:paekJs1961@gmail.com Mobile:+82-10-7499 -2567
offer is possible  
  KR   90957184
26.04.2017 Granulator COLORTRONIC 453/T
Granulator COLORTRONIC 453/T
Connected load: 5.5kW, number of machines: 2, including extractor fan.
  DE   90942474
25.04.2017 Pelletizer SCHEER SGS 200 E
Pelletizer SCHEER SGS 200 E
Working width: 200 mm - machine is plugged in and is ready for testing. -Test is possible. Date by arrangement.
offer is possible  
  DE   90745447
11.05.2017 Conveying belts VIRGINIO NASTRI CB 2
Conveying belts VIRGINIO NASTRI CB 2
Rarely used. Excellent condition band width: 310 mm band length horizontal part: 600 mm band length elevating part: 1200 mm Hight adjustable with hand wheel. Band speed adjustable.
BN 1,980 €
offer is possible  
  CH   89636547
29.05.2017 EXTRACTION CHAIN  BELT (Lindner) LINDNER 4.350 mm.SS
EXTRACTION CHAIN  BELT (Lindner) 4.350 mm long with central chain transport and paddles flat type on supports stainless steel structure 5 kw motor + gearbox construction year 2013 500 mm.outer width 400 mm.inside width
offer is possible  
  IT   89404530
29.05.2017 EXTRACTION BELT (Lindner) LINDNER stainless steel extraction bel
EXTRACTION BELT (Lindner) LINDNER stainless steel extraction
EXTRACTION BELT (Lindner) 11.500 mm. long with central chain transport and paddles stainless steel structure  painted steel cover 5 kw motor + gearbox construction year 2013 500 mm.outer width 400 mm inside width “S” shaped with curved tails at 1,5 m.from ends
offer is possible  
  IT   89400995
12.04.2017 Side seal bag machine WATERLINE Ritebag 600-STEBs
Side seal bag machine WATERLINE Ritebag 600-STEBs
Type of production: 3-side seal bags, STEBs bags Sealing width and length: Min 80mm x 80mm Max 600mm x 600mm Fully servo motor driven Attachments and Accessories: Driven un-winder, max reel width 680mm, max reel diam. 1000mm Tension control Web guide Gusseting station Side welder sealer Pre-sealers Angle sealers Cross sealers Handle hole punch Handle hole reinforcement Thermal transfer printer for Barcodes Photocell for printed film Unwinder for tape (Tamper Evident) Anti-static bars Chiller Stackingi ...
  DK   88040561
11.04.2017 Lowpressure Dosingmachine CANNON B7
Lowpressure Dosingmachine CANNON B7
Output: 20–75gs, power: 8kW6.000 Umin max., number of shot-programms: 19, volume component tank: 70l, volume detergent tank: 18l, air demand: 650nlmin, operation pressure: 6bar. Capacity: 20-75gs
  DE   87807950
22.05.2017 Calender lines  1269mm
Calender lines 1269mm
Film Calender roll line 1. Reverse type 4-roll Calendar roll Make: IHI (Japan) Year:2007 Roll size:609mm(24inch) diameter x1270mm(50inch) width 4-roll bending Motor:440V, 37kw X2 +55kw x2 Temperature adjustment controller: Max.140degree(Heat source:Steam) Compulsive oil circulation type 2.Mixing roll Make: IHI (Japan) Year:2007 Roll size:609mm(24inch) diameter x1829mm(72inch) width Motor:440V, 55kw x2 Temperature adjustment controller: 3.Planetary type extruder di ...
offer is possible  
  KR   85868640
28.03.2017 Head Welding Machine HOLLINGER MSE-II-EP-SB
Head Welding Machine HOLLINGER MSE-II-EP-SB
Control: Beckhoff, welding dimensions: 3000x3000mm max., weld seam limitation: 0.2mm, nominal voltage: 400V, frequency: 50Hz, control voltage: 24V, connected load: 25A.
  DE   84835577

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