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19.01.2017 Flour conditioning carousel CHRONOS VP 68
Flour conditioning carousel CHRONOS VP 68
2 weighers - Capacity: 25 50 kg 6 mouths conditioning group Transfer conveyor with sewing station (brand FISCHBEIN)
offer is possible 
 FR 72522122
19.01.2017 Doypack bagger BOSSAR B-1600 STUS
Doypack bagger BOSSAR B-1600 STUS
Width of seal jaws: 240 mm Bag's dimensions: height: 155 mm - width: 115 mm Cadence: more or less 45 bags per minute
offer is possible 
 FR 72522121
19.01.2017 Wrapper TEVOPHARM PACK 6
Speed: up to 220 strokes per minute Double pair of jaws Width of sealing jaws: 175 mm
offer is possible 
 FR 72522120
19.01.2017 Wrapper OMORI S 5600 SERIES
Wrapper OMORI S 5600 SERIES
Control panel and automatic temperature control and memorizing of 100 different products Cadence: 100 to 120 strokes per minute
offer is possible 
 FR 72522117
19.01.2017 Wrapper OTEM MACH 300 E
Wrapper OTEM MACH 300 E
Double pair of jaws Length of the jaws: 300 mm Clits width: 254 mm
offer is possible 
 FR 72522112
19.01.2017 Wrapper SIG GRA 100
Wrapper SIG GRA 100
Feeding with vertical loader 2 x 4 rows
offer is possible 
 FR 72522109
19.01.2017 Mixing plants MISCHER 1A-MM242 Mischer 1A-MM242
Mixing plants MISCHER 1A-MM242 Mischer 1A-MM242
Stuffing mixer 1A-MM242 - NEW Capacity: 16 L Ask for an offer iNTER-WiBA Sp.J. UL. Krakowska 263 PL 43-305 Bielsko-Biala USt-IdNr.: PL547-17-47-669 Tel. 004833 812 58 60 fax. 004833 812 58 36
offer is possible 
 PL 72521998
18.01.2017 Wrapper SIG GRA 100
Wrapper SIG GRA 100
Closing X folder and heat sealing Folding box dimensions: 60 x 215 mm - Packets height: 35 mm Double packing: cqardboard micro grooves and film
offer is possible 
 FR 72506909
19.01.2017 Wrapper CAM PACK RT
X fold thermo welded Current format: 162 x 105 x 24 mm
offer is possible 
 FR 72506906
18.01.2017 Clipping machine COMIZ SA 50 P-V+T
Clipping machine COMIZ SA 50 P-V+T
Rate: 3540 cycles per minute Ribbon: 8 mm Bags dimensions: height: 100400 mm - width: 70250 mm
offer is possible 
 FR 72506884
16.01.2017 Trays cooking ovens GIMA FORNI ROTOR
Trays cooking ovens GIMA FORNI ROTOR
Trays dimensions: 900 x 1000 mm or 2 trays: 800 x 600 mm Stainless steel interior and exterior panels Fuel burner - Brand RIELLO 5 ovens available - 1 cooked samples - Others are new and never cooked anything
offer is possible 
 FR 72287546
14.01.2017 Separators for dairy ALFA LAVAL BRPX 213 SGV-34 CLARIFICATOR
Separators for dairy ALFA LAVAL BRPX 213 SGV-34 CLARIFICATOR
25,000 €
offer is possible 
 TR 72215011
12.01.2017 Separators AGRO ZAVOD NMO 400
Separators AGRO ZAVOD NMO 400
Agro Zavod separator for salmon, type: NMO 400, machine number: 425, dimensions: 1700 mm x 600 mm x 1400 mm.
used machinery auction RESALE 1,000 € 
 NL 72134568
12.01.2017 Separators LIMA RM200S
Separators LIMA RM200S
Lima separator, type: RM200S, number: 284, year of construction: 1997, screw width: 140 mm, total dimensions: 1650 mm x 770 mm x 1520 mm. Including extra drum.
used machinery auction RESALE 5,000 € 
 DE 72134532
12.01.2017 Coffee chaff pellet press PROBAT Typ 480 HP 2
Coffee chaff pellet press PROBAT Typ 480 HP 2
Pellet press for compacting coffee chaff, suitable for a 1000kgh roaster. It will be completely refurbished with new motors, wiring, control cabinet and control panel. The press is available for inspection.
offer is possible 
 PL 72134529
12.01.2017 Check weighers BIZERBA GLM-I, GLS 500/250/125/290-1
Check weighers BIZERBA GLM-I, GLS 500/250/125/290-1
Bizerba weighing, labelling and metal detection line consisting of: Bizerba checkweigher, type: GLM-I, serial number: 10219583, year of construction: 2006, maximum: 6 kg, minimum: 20 grams, e= 1 gram, 100 packages per minute, belt speed: 1.1 meters per second, 230 V, 50 Hz, 2.4 A, 0-40 degrees Celsius, belt width: (2x) 140 mm, Bizerba metal detector, type: GLS 500250125290-1, serial number: 2007-06-G5906, year of construction: 2007, 230115 VAC, 5060 Hz, 16 A, belt width: (2x) 140 mm, clearance: 500 mm x 175 mm, Bizerba labeller,  ...
used machinery auction RESALE 3,000 € 
 DE 72134516
12.01.2017 Check weighers BIZERBA GLM-I, MD-Tunnel,
Check weighers BIZERBA GLM-I, MD-Tunnel,
Bizerba weighing, labelling and metal detection line consisting of: Bizerba checkweigher, type: GLM-I, serial number: 10222625, year of construction: 2006, maximum: 610 kg, minimum: 20 grams, e= 12 grams, 100 packages per minute, belt speed: 1.1 meters per second, 230 V, 50 Hz, 2.4 A, 0-40 degrees Celsius, belt width: (2x) 140 mm, Bizerba metal detector, type: MD-Tunnel 500x250, serial number: MD10208383, year of construction: 2006, 230115 VAC, 5060 Hz, 0.120.25 A, belt width: (2x) 140 mm, clearance: 500 mm x 175 mm, Bizerba labe ...
used machinery auction RESALE 3,000 € 
 DE 72134513
12.01.2017 Enamel tanks HESCHO HERMSDORF
Used porcelain made vertical mixing vessel by HESCHO HermsdorfThur (Germany) with volume 300 l. Tank has top bolted with agitator. Bottom jacketed, with central outlet. Vessel is designed for work on internal pressure 1.5 bar and jacket is designed for work on pressure up to 3 bar. Mounted on 3 carbon steel legs. No technical documentation included.
offer is possible 
 PL 72134357
12.01.2017 Ice cream filler TECHNOMILK
Ice cream filler TECHNOMILK
Second hand, single die, filling device for work on ice cream manufactured by TECHNOMILK (Slovakia). Working output up to 70 l.
offer is possible 
 PL 72134349
12.01.2017 Continuous ice cream freezer ZURIS ZX150
Continuous ice cream freezer ZURIS ZX150
Second hand ice cream continuous freezer by ZURIS (Italy) type ZX 150. Machine works with reported output up to 150 lh. Water cooled. Cooling gase: R 404A. Shipping dimensions: W 620 mm x H 1500 mm x D 1000 mm.
offer is possible 
 PL 72134348
12.01.2017 Continuous ice cream freezer TECNO-GELMINOX Gelcont 150
Continuous ice cream freezer TECNO-GELMINOX Gelcont 150
Second hand ice cream continuous freezer by Tecno-Gelminox (Italy) type Gelcont 150. Machine works with reported output up to 200 lh. Water cooled. Cooling gase: R 404A. Shipping dimensions: W 700 mm x H 1340 mm x D 1200 mm.
offer is possible 
 PL 72134343
12.01.2017 Ice cream filling machine TECNOMILK Tartuffo Expert 4000
Ice cream filling machine TECNOMILK Tartuffo Expert 4000
Second hand ice cream filler TARTUFFO, type EXPERT 4000, equipped with juice dosing device and feeder of topping. Machine is working with speed in range from 13 up to 40 cycles per minute. Reported output in range 780 - 3900 cupsh, depending on volume and type of product. Table has 18 slots. Power consumption 1 kW including motor 0,75 kW, 380 V. Compressed air 5-6 bar.
offer is possible 
 PL 72134322
12.01.2017 Coffee roasting machines PROBAT RO1000
Coffee roasting machines PROBAT RO1000
Efficiency: up to 1000kgh Power: LPGnatural gasoil Burner: Weishaupt Controls: Probat-o-matic Status: renovation needed – will be completely overhauled Afterburner, chaff cyclone, destoner, and pneumatic green coffee loader included The refurbishing consists of: - cleaning the roaster from all of the post-production residue, coffee scale etc., - disassembling the roaster, - sandblasting all the steel elements and components , - examining the sandblasted parts, - repairing or replacing faulty or damaged elements,  ...
offer is possible 
 PL 72134311
11.01.2017 Coffee roasting machines PETRONCINI 60 kg
Coffee roasting machines PETRONCINI 60 kg
For renovation. Capacity 60 kg. With the cyclone and green coffee loader.
offer is possible 
 PL 72115184
11.01.2017 Production lines SCHWARTE diverse
Production lines SCHWARTE diverse
The line consist of the following (main) item: 5 x cheese vat, volume: 16,000 l each 2 x pre-pressing vats, 2 x cheese presses Resting lane for filled cheese forms Washing machine in-line for cheese forms Microfiltration plant Washing machine for cheese cages Cheese cages lifting mechanisms for cheese cages 140 pieces of cheese forms 3 x manual cheese cutting devices Control: Siemens S7 The year of manufacture of the equipment in this line is 2002. The production capacity is up to 45,000 kg d
offer is possible 
 PL 72115150
12.01.2017 Tunnel washing machine with drying MEIKO BA 124 B
Tunnel washing machine with drying MEIKO BA 124 B
Condition: Restored Technical data: • overall dimensions 7700x1440x2900 mm; • power 82 kW, 160A; • power supply 380 V; • tunnel dimensions 850x650 mm; • washer nozzles approx. 200 pcs; • water tanks capacity 100 and 200 litres; • detergent and disinfectant fluid dispensing equipment; • washable bags products of stainless steel.
19,440 €
offer is possible 
 LT 72115013
10.01.2017 heat counter VAU HT2
heat counter VAU HT2
Item condition: operational Location: Bavaria Availability: as of now
offer is possible 
 DE 72085265
07.01.2017 Machine for coating comestibles SCHAAF TECHNOLOGIE GMBH
Machine for coating comestibles SCHAAF TECHNOLOGIE GMBH
Machine for coating comestibles in caramel, cocoa, etc. Used. In very good condition. Included with dosing pumps. Used to do the coating of rice.
offer is possible 
 PL 71905371
07.01.2017 Machine for preparation cereal grains THE PURITAN
Machine for preparation cereal grains THE PURITAN
Machine for preparation cereal grains. Used. In very good condition. Capacity of 8 kg of rice. Approximate yield 40 kg h. Included with the steam generator.
offer is possible 
 PL 71905367
03.01.2017 CIP tank
CIP tank
Volume: approx. 2500l, diameter: 1250mm, length: 2800mm.
 DE 71840704

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despositor + wire cut -machine, fabr. Benier Joost(2)  
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Lye scuba(2)  
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mill for stale bread, fabr. Diosna-Oase, type RZ 3(2)  
Mincer --(2)  
Mixer Grinder(2)  
Mixer, Freefall Mixer, Drum Mixer(3)  
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mixing machine, type cream cooker,(2)  
Mixing machines(5)  
Mixing plants(7)  
mixing tank(3)  
moulding + setting-machine, Fortuna(2)  
moulding-machine, fabr. Winkler(3)  
Multideck ovens(61)  
Multiple Purpose Conveyor with undercarriage(2)  
outside silo (2)  
Oven Racks(7)  
oven, Fabr. Wachtel, type Mini Thermic plus 5(2)  
oven, Fabr. Winkler/Wachtel, CL 40 CTK(2)  
oven-chargers for Winkler oven 1,2 m(2)  
oven-chargers for deck oven, 1600 mm(2)  
Pack press for fruit(2)  
Packaging Machine(3)  
Packaging machines(4)  
Paddl mixer(2)  
Paddle mixer(4)  
palett wrapper(2)  
Pasteurisation plant(2)  
Pasteurizing Machine(2)  
Pasteurizing Machine with Flash Pasteurization and(2)  
Pasteurizing Machine with Plate Heat Exchanger(2)  
Pastry forming machines(17)  
Peeling machines(2)  
Pellet mill(2)  
Pellet presses(15)  
PET line(2)  
PET stretch blow moulder(3)  
PET systems(10)  
PET-filling line(2)  
Pickle Injector(2)  
Pickle injectors(34)  
Piston Filler(2)  
Piston homogenizer(2)  
Pizza oven(2)  
Planetary Mixer(6)  
planetary mixer, fabr. Rego, type PM140 E(2)  
Planetary mixers(27)  
planetary-mixer, fabr. Kemper, type PM 40 V(3)  
Platform scales(2)  
Pneumatic cylinder(2)  
Pneumatic Filler(3)  
Portioning machines(13)  
Pots and Pans(2)  
Poultry Equipment(2)  
poultry rehanger stork(2)  
Premix installations(4)  
Press wafer plant for cast bags(2)  
Presses for bread rolls(5)  
Pressure tanks(8)  
Pretzel making machines(2)  
Process Tank(2)  
Production lines(19)  
Profing Chamber(2)  
proofing-chamber, airconditioned, Probat, 2 doors(2)  
pub brewery(2)  
rack for baking trays 400 x 790 mm(2)  
rack for rackoven, stainless steel(2)  
rack oven(4)  
Rack ovens(29)  
rack stainless steel, moveable(2)  
rackoven, fabr. Winkler, type COMET 1,8, electric(2)  
racks for oven accessories, Fabr. DEBAG(2)  
racks for oven accessories, moveable(2)  
racks, moveable(3)  
Recirculation chillers(2)  
Refrigerant pumps(2)  
Refrigerated counters(2)  
Refrigerating machines(9)  
Refrigeration Compressor(3)  
Refrigeration compressors(26)  
Refrigeration systems(43)  
retarder-chamber, Esko, type RM 63(2)  
rollplant for long rolls, fabr. König, 4 rows(2)  
rollplant for rustic-square rolls, type Quadro-Sta(2)  
Rotary lobe pump(3)  
Rotary oven(5)  
Rotary Table for entry line 1000mm with motor(2)  
Rotary Vacuum Filter(2)  
Rührgerät TKS I(2)  
sausage slicers(2)  
Scalding machines(2)  
Screening machine(2)  
Screw capper(5)  
Screw Compressor(5)  
Screw Compressor Chiller(3)  
Screw conveyor(3)  
Screw locking machines(5)  
semi-automatic divider + rounder, Record(2)  
Separators for dairy(5)  
setting-machine, fabr. Winkler(2)  
Sheet metal cleaning machines(2)  
shelf trolley, stainless steel include 20 trayslid(2)  
Shell Moulding Line(2)  
Shock-freezing units(5)  
shop oven(7)  
Shredder machine(2)  
shrink tunnel(2)  
Shrink wrapper machines(10)  
Shrinkpacker Multipacker(2)  
Sieve cleaners for grain sieves(2)  
sifting-machine, fabr. MKN, type 33(2)  
Silo And Bin Discharger(2)  
Sine Pump(2)  
Single chamber packing machine(3)  
Skinning machine, skinner(3)  
Slicer cutting machine(10)  
Slicing Machine(3)  
Slim keg 20 litres(2)  
Smoke chamber(4)  
Smoke chambers(2)  
smoke generator(3)  
smoke house(9)  
smoke system(10)  
Soft ice cream machine(2)  
Spare parts(2)  
Spiral cooler(2)  
Spiral Dough(5)  
Spiral freezer belt(2)  
Spiral freezers(16)  
Spiral kneaders(2)  
Spiral kneading machine(2)  
Spiral kneading machines(72)  
Spiral Mixer(18)  
Spiral Mixer --(4)  
Spiral Mixer -Reconditioned-(2)  
Spiral mixer for dough(2)  
Spiral Mixer with mobile bowls(5)  
spiralmixer for 18 kg dough / 20 ltr., type Hobby/(2)  
spiralmixer, fabr. Diosna, type SP 40(2)  
spiralmixer, fabr. Diosna, type SP 80 D(2)  
spiralmixer, fabr. Kemper, type SPL 50(2)  
spiralmixer, fabr.Diosna, type SP 120 D(3)  
spiralmixer, fabr.Diosna, type SP 160 AD(2)  
spraying device for marmelade, fabr. Jufeba.type G(2)  
Stainless steel bakery refrigerator(2)  
stainless steel rack for oven chargers(4)  
Stainless steel Round Sink(2)  
Stainless steel silos(2)  
Stainless steel table(6)  
Stainless steel tank(4)  
Stainless steel tanks(7)  
Stainless steel tanks and containers(23)  
stainless steel working table with cooling,(2)  
stainless-steel rack for transport or storage of p(2)  
Stalk Remover-pressing machine(3)  
stamping/Kaiserroll-machine, Comet 2 / 50(2)  
steam condenser(2)  
steel tank 60 m³ / 60.000 L(2)  
Stencil machines(2)  
Stephan Emulsifier MCH-D 180(2)  
Stirring machine(5)  
Stirring machines(19)  
Stop machine(2)  
Storage tank(5)  
Storage Tank / Flat Bottom Tank with Outlet Disch(11)  
Storage tank 10000 litres in AISI 304(2)  
Storage tank 11700 litres(7)  
Storage tank 5000 litres in AISI 304(2)  
Storage tanks(15)  
Store baking oven(2)  
store oven(2)  
Stunning equipments(2)  
Systems for bread rolls(22)  
Table saw(2)  
Tablet presses(8)  
Tank Unit in AISI 316 consisting of 4 Chambers(3)  
Teflon knife for slicing machine(2)  
tempering machine(3)  
Tempering machines(4)  
Tetra Pak(17)  
Tetra Pak Cap Applicator(2)  
Thermal oil oven(2)  
Thermo-oil deck oven(3)  
tilting frying pan(2)  
transfer pump(2)  
Transfer System(3)  
Transport tanks(5)  
Tray Denester(2)  
Tray packers(6)  
tray-cleaning-machine, Jeros, mod. 5610 - 1360(2)  
Tree cake machine(2)  
Tube Heat Exchanger Heating Plant(2)  
Tumbler , Marinator, Mixer(2)  
Tunnel furnaces(10)  
tunnel oven(5)  
Tunnel pasteuriser(2)  
Tunnel pasteurizer(4)  
Twin-shaft paddel mixers(2)  
UHT plant(2)  
Universal dishwasher(2)  
Universal machine(3)  
Universal machines(3)  
Vacuum cutter(4)  
Vacuum Filler(6)  
Vacuum Mixer(3)  
vacuum packaging machine(3)  
Vacuum packing machine(2)  
Vacuum Packing Maschines(2)  
Vacuum Process Equipment(2)  
Vacuum processing facilities(4)  
Vacuum pump(4)  
Vacuum pump for fish transfer(2)  
Vacuum Rotary filters(3)  
Vacuum stuffer(4)  
vacuum tumbler(14)  
Vacuum tumblers(2)  
Vegetable washing machines(3)  
Ventilation #2511(2)  
Verschluss Etikettiergerät(2)  
Vibrating sieves(2)  
Vibratory Circular Screen Separator(2)  
vibratory topping conveyor(2)  
wafer baking machine. fabr. Silex, electric,(2)  
Waffle systems(2)  
Wall cooling racks(2)  
Washing grinding plants(2)  
washing machine for raisons, Fabr. Ernens, type Ne(2)  
washing table, stainless steel(3)  
washing-machine, fabr. Hobart, type KW 105(3)  
Water coolers(3)  
Water dispenser(2)  
Water mixing devices(4)  
Weighing machines(11)  
Weighing machines for dough(4)  
Wendel kneading machines(3)  
Wheat Mill(4)  
Whipped cream machines(3)  
whipping machine/dispenser for fresh-cream,(2)  
Winder Machine(3)  
Winding machines(11)  
Wire belt(6)  
Wire belt conveyor(9)  
wooden trough board for DEBAG 780x580 mm(2)  
Working tables(4)  
Wrapper for Chocolate Products(2)  
yeast filter(2)