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17.02.2017 Cutting mills MüLLER FRANKFURT SM252-S-5
Cutting mills MüLLER FRANKFURT SM252-S-5
This granulator sell SM252-S-5 year: 2006 The mill is now ready for use. Accessories: owner's manual Technical data: Cutting rotor power: 5,0 kW Steel spiral feeder: 0.18 kW Weight: 330 kg Power consumption: 400 volts 50 Hz Opening: width 360 mm, 420 mm long.
BN 1,850 €
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  DE   75512900
25.01.2017 Beside The Machine Granulator GETECHA GRS 182-A 19.44
Beside The Machine Granulator GETECHA GRS 182-A 19.44
Rotor cutting diameter: 180mm, milling chamber diameter: 200mm, inlet port: 290x290mm.
  DE   72522138
08.02.2017 Cutting mills KöPPERN Typ 56/74
Cutting mills KöPPERN Typ 56/74
Inlet: 580 x 740 mm Rotor diameter: 560 mm Rotor blade width: 700 mm Number of rotor blades: 10 meter Number of stator knives: 2 Rotor speed: 490 RPM Peripheral speed of the rotor: 13 m s. Total weight: 5000 kg Power: 55 kW
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  DE   71949366
22.12.2016 Cutting mills RAPID 2024-K
Cutting mills RAPID 2024-K
Power: 7,5 kW Condition: refurbished Available: 3 PCs (currently).
1,900 €
offer is possible  
  HU   71532828
22.12.2016 Cutting mills PRM GROUP MGK2121R
Cutting mills PRM GROUP MGK2121R
Power: 3 kW Condition: refurbished Available: 4 PCs (currently).
1,500 €
offer is possible  
  HU   71532826
22.12.2016 Machine-side mills DIPRE 183-A9
Machine-side mills DIPRE 183-A9
Power: 2.2 kW Condition: refurbished Available: 3 PCs (currently).
1,000 €
offer is possible  
  HU   71532824
12.12.2016 Cutting mills HELLWEG MG650-200RS
Cutting mills HELLWEG MG650-200RS
Foil width max. 650 mm Foil thickness max. 2.5 mm Film thickness min. 0.2 mm Total wiring 7.5 kW Speed max.min. 1-150 Weight approx. 680 kg
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  DE   71195364
10.01.2017 Cutting mills WEIMA WLKM-10
Cutting mills WEIMA WLKM-10
WEIMA - CUTTING MILL WITH HYDRAULIC DAMPER Type: WLKM 10 hydraulic valve (bar): 200 tipping hopper opening (mm): 900 x 500 Working width rotor (mm): 1000 Rotor ∅ (mm): 310 Rotor speed (RPM): 480 Motor power (kW): 45 Rotor knives (number): 12 Counter Blade (number): 2 screen holes (mm): 12 Discharge screw Approx. weight (kg): 2,800 kg It is hydraulically controlled on the ground of the shredding room of the slide. This leads to zerkleinertenden material to the rotor. â?¨
offer is possible  
  DE   70752413
03.01.2017 Granulator TRIA 42-20 JM
Granulator TRIA 42-20 JM
Feed opening: 420x200mm, rotor diameter: 180mm, capacity: approx. 50-80kgh. The granulator was used less.
  DE   69101285
26.01.2017 Cutting mills NACHSEPARIEREINHEIT Mesutronic Quicktron 9.1 A50
Cutting mills NACHSEPARIEREINHEIT Mesutronic Quicktron 9.1 A
AFTER SEPARATING UNIT, INCLUDING CONVEYING, DOSING AND SEPARATION UNIT For high-quality technical plastics often a bitter and costly knowledge. In such cases we recommend the MESUTRONIC to separieren unit, consisting of Saugfördergerät, dispensing chute and MESUTRONIC metal separated. Optimally dosed and therefore virtually no loss of good material, all will Metal contamination fully automatically removes from the product flow -decentralised and if necessary, round the clock.
2,900 €
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  HU   68228992
26.01.2017 Machine-side mills GETECHA GRS 252-A9
Machine-side mills GETECHA GRS 252-A9
Granulation in "slanting position" Grinding of sprues of all kind and faulty parts efficient, quiet and individual adapted to the application. Designed for the automatic operation - the GRS will start, even with a full hopper. Fill it up and walk away. Advantages: Nearly insatiable • large cutting chamber opening • starts when the hopper is full • designed for the automatic operation • well-tried thousand fold Easy to maintain and efficient • fast, economical cleaning • cutting chamber opens without too ...
2,300 €
offer is possible  
  HU   68228980
03.01.2017 Granulator for Plastic WIGA WG20/20-LS
Granulator for Plastic WIGA WG20/20-LS
Screen diameter: 6mm, 3 cutters: cutter width: 200mm, slot shhaft: 210x210mm, soundproof.
  DE   68051349
04.10.2016  BRUDERHAUS-HERBOLD BM 450-5-3
According to the description below
offer is possible  
  DE   67105001
04.10.2016  HERBOLD SMS 30-50-H3-2-2
HERBOLD SMS 30-50-H3-2-2
According to the description below
offer is possible  
  DE   67104999
04.10.2016  DREHER 26-41
DREHER 26-41
According to the description below
offer is possible  
  DE   66830269
03.01.2017 Cutting Mills for Plastic MüLLER MASCHINEN SM 630/210/152
Cutting Mills for Plastic MüLLER MASCHINEN SM 630/210/152
The following cutting mills by Müller Maschinen are available: (1) SM 630, built 2002, cutting width: 600mm, capacity: 400kgh, rotor speed: 125rpm, motor power: 15kW. (2) SM 210, built 1999, cutting width: 200mm, capacity: 35kgh, rotor speed: 100rpm, motor power: 5kW. (3) SM 152, built 2003, cutting width: 150mm, capacity: 25kgh, rotor speed: 200rpm, motor power: 2.2kW.
  DE   58970691
17.02.2017  AMIS AMIS
Complete AMIS to sell hard plastic grinding plant. Low hours, very good condition, is nor accensione & 37kw AMIS granulator, ZickZak sifter, dust removal system, bottling plant for BIC bags, can be done before, different screens available. Complete YANKS hard plastic grinding plant for sale. Little Hours, excellent condition, is still current and can be demonstrated, 37kw AMIS granulator, ZickZak sifter, dust extraction, filling for BIC bags, various screens available. Contact at: rerec@web.de or mobile: 0049 160 9623259 ...
offer is possible  
  DE   38348565
24.06.2016 Cutting mills PALLMANN
Cutting mills PALLMANN
Plastic mill, built in the 80´s, but fully functional!
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  DE   38348231
22.12.2016  IDDON 6inch x 14inch Two Roll
IDDON 6inch x 14inch Two Roll
IDDON Two Roll Mill Rollers: 6” diam. x 14” wide Double geared AC Brook Motor 9.5HP 3 phase Holroyd Gearbox Complete with Starter
offer is possible  
  UK   37864888
02.02.2017 MILL MOTAN
Rest mill manufacturer: Motan Germany Origin: Germany (EU)
offer is possible  
  CH   36104300
21.02.2017 Cutting mills NEUE HERBOLD SM 800/1200-H7-3
Cutting mills NEUE HERBOLD SM 800/1200-H7-3
Size reduction system for size reduction of profiles Pipes up to 6500 mm consisting of: 1x NEUE HERBOLD Granulator type SM 8001200-H7-3 with hydraulic tilting hopper, drive 160 kW 1x tilting device 1x Suction unit type MFT 75500, 15 kW 1x Hydraulicaggregat 1x noice protection cabin for granulator and suction unit, with doors 1x cascade sifter 1 x Fines-separator, cyclones 1x exhaust air filter (automatic) control cabinet: alternatively Siemens S5 used or Siemens S7 NEW
  DE   32008975
07.06.2016  KOMPTECH Terminator 5000 SE XF Shredder
KOMPTECH Terminator 5000 SE XF Shredder
Komptech type: terminator 5000 SE XF Shredder control:-year of production: 2009 Dimensions and weights Machine weight kg: 16,800-other Year 2009 drive performance hydraulic (kW) 1 x 200 CRUSHING unit cylinder length (mm) 3000 hydraulic roller diameter (mm) 1050 max speed (min-1) 29 maximum THROUGHPUT hydraulic, depend on material (th) 80 5,800 hours of operation
offer is possible  
  DE   31018298
15.11.2016 Fine grinding mills NEUE HERBOLD ZM 300
Fine grinding mills NEUE HERBOLD ZM 300
Fine - second-hand Motor Electro Adda SpA, protection class IP 55 Knives 3 pieces complete exaust electrical control cabinet Machine in good condition, as little used only for the production of about 200 t
  SK   28356710
Granulator in very good condition. 15 kW. Inlet opening 450 x 300 mm
offer is possible  
  DE   24813054
10.01.2017 Shredder facilities VECOPLAN /MOESER VAZ 120 / ZM42-35
Shredder facilities VECOPLAN /MOESER VAZ 120 / ZM42-35
DESCRIPTION Shredding plant "Vecoplan Maine" Consists of: Zweiwellenschredder manufacturer: Vecoplan Type: VAZ 120 Power: 22 kW Operating voltage: 400V Running length: 1250 mm Infeed width: 1050 mm "V" rotor diameter: 235 mm Rotor speed: 120 RPM screen hole diameter: 30 mm Cutting crowns - 27st.: 40x40mm Panel relay new Crusher "MACOY": Rotor diameter [mm]: 350 rotor width [mm]: 420 number of rotor knives [PCs.]: 3 number of stator [PCs.]: 2 Power [kW]: 11 screen: 6 mm Drive 11 kW Control new Conveyor belt: Le ...
37,500 €
offer is possible  
  DE   20736954
21.02.2017 Fine grinding mills HERBOLD PU 300 GR
Fine grinding mills HERBOLD PU 300 GR
Pulverizer Manufacturer: Herbold Built in 2005 Drive 22kW like new (~ 10 working hours)
  DE   19900275
21.02.2017 Cutting mills NEUE HERBOLD SX 800/2000-SP9-4
Cutting mills NEUE HERBOLD SX 800/2000-SP9-4
Granulator brand: NEUE HERBOLD made in germany heavy duty model - drive 250 kW - size reduction of film over roller feeder - hopper alternatively - Rotor diameter: 800 mm - working width: 1950 mm for the size reduction of film, tangled or bunched tapes and bands, PP big bags, crates or other hollow containers, BOPP BOPET PP in-line and off-line film extrusion lines.
  DE   19900273
21.02.2017 Pulverizers NEUE HERBOLD ZM 300
Pulverizers NEUE HERBOLD ZM 300
Fine-Grinder Pulverizer Brand: NEUE HERBOLD type ZM 300 drive: 22 kW pulverizing of mid-hard, brittle to high impact plastics.
  DE   19900271
21.02.2017 Fine grinding mills NEUE HERBOLD ZM 500
Fine grinding mills NEUE HERBOLD ZM 500
Pulverizer Pulverizer-System type ZM 500 drive: 55 kW Brand: NEUE HERBOLD pulverizing of mid-hard, brittle to high impact plastics.
  DE   19900269
21.02.2017 Cutting mills NEUE HERBOLD LM 450/600-S4-2
Cutting mills NEUE HERBOLD LM 450/600-S4-2
Cutting mill Granulator brand: NEUE HERBOLD manufacturing year: brand new machine drive: 45 kW Rotor-width: 450 mm Working-width: 600 mm Rotor with 4 blade-rows 2 stator-blade rows Roller feed hopper size reduction of loose film, hollow containers, barrels,...
  DE   19900265

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