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MATEC system+technik GmbH [ dealer profile ]
Herr Schär Peter Ari
79618 Rheinfelden, Germany 
member since 15.01.2010

used wood working machines / used grinding machines / used Long belt grinding machines Long belt grinding machines [ grinding machines - wood working machines ] ( Langbandschleifmaschinen - Ponceuses à ruban long - Smerigliatrici a nastro - Lijadoras longitudinal de bandas - Szlifierki długotaśmowe - Rectificadoras de cinta longa ) for sale

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No.: 71672971
Updating date: 28.12.2016
Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: unknown
Model: unknown
Type of machine: Long belt grinding machines

Long belt grinding machines

used machine

Table belt sander bend for long parts

L x W x h: 390 x 150 x 130 cm
Weight approx. 700 kg
Built in 1965

The machine is in good condition, ready to use.

Subject to changes, errors, prior sale! Service/spare parts by MATEC CH-4952 Eriswil/DE-79618 Rheinfelden

MATEC system + technology GmbH
Mechanical engineering
Mill mat 4
CH-4952 Eriswil/Switzerland

Tel. 0041 62 966 18 32
Fax 0041 62 966 21 12
New in: 1965
Location: Switzerland Eriswil 
basis for negotiations (BN) 660 EUR  
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