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used wood working machines / used grinding machines / used Grinding machines HEESEMANN LSM 8 for sale

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No.: 68758026
Updating date: 02.03.2017
Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: Heesemann
Model: LSM 8
Type of machine: Grinding machines

Grinding machines Heesemann LSM 8

used machine

Grinding machine Street
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New in: 2001
Location: Germany
Machine in stock: No
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Conveyor belt new, very good general technical condition Grinding width 1300 mm Working height 920 mm Workpiece thickness of Max 3-80 mm Aggregate QLLBw Cross sanding unit 13/17 kW; Belt speed 12 + 24 m / sec Längsschleifaggregat 13/17 kW; Belt speed 10 + 20 m / s Längsschleifaggregat 13/17 kW; Belt speed 10 + 20 m / s Brush-off facility brush roll diameter 150 mm – 1,5 kW Sanding belt dimensions 1350 mm x 2620 mm (L) Sanding belt dimensions 5400 mm x 150 mm (Q) Pressure plate belt dimensions 4850 x 140 mm Transport bed vacuum Drive 7,5 kW 4.6 speed 23 m / min Workpiece vacuum clamping system 11 kW Overall power supply approx. 73 kW Total air consumption approx. 120 m ³/min Weight 7600 kg Bedieunungsseite and band pad right Suitable for veneer sanding, easy calibration (Errors and omissions in the technical data as well as subject to prior sale

[SX-012481] HEESEMANN, MFA-8, WIDE BELT (3-HEAD 53´´) HEESEMAN MFA-8 Wide Belt Sander, 53" and with (3) Heads, Fully Refurbished: 3-Head, 1,300 mm (53") working width for Veneer, Lacquer, Sealer or Denibbing sanding with: (2) Cross belt and (1) Platen . 1st & 2nd Head: Electronically controlled segmented cross-belt, 15 kW (20 HP) motor with inverter control for 2 - 12 MPS abrasive belt speed, 6" x 189" abrasive belt. 3rd Head: Segmented Polishing Platen, electronically controlled segments to conform to panel size, 15 kW (20 HP) motor with inverter control for 2 - 12 MPS variable abrasive belt speed, 54" x 103" abrasive belt; air blast abrasive belt cleaning on both sanding heads. All Sanding Heads equipped with: HESSEMANN's Patented "CSD" selective pressure adjustment system; sensors placed every (32 mm) sense part configuration. Pressure for each segment can be pre-programmed to provide less pressure on the outer edges or more in the center if desired. Touch Screen control for all sander functions, (20) programs storage. Feed Through Conveyor & Speed: Variable feed speed from 5 - 15 MPM (16 - 49 FPM), 1.75 kW feed drive motor with inverter control. Vacuum conveyor ...

Belt sander HEESEMANN LSM 6 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS; PLC control electronic Heesemann Model/type of LSM 6 Year of manufacture: 1993 Machine available in stock The state machine. grinding width 1350 mm thickness max. ground element 150 mm CONFIGURATION OF THE MACHINE; And-the transverse unit cross-Sergeant with pressure electronic sequential-main motor 13 KW -oscillation of pneumatic photocells -access to the dust Extractor 1 x 180 mm -abrasive belt size 5480 x 150 mm II-power combo of shoes-main motor 13 KW -abrasive belt cleaning system with oscillation-ankle doiciskiem pneumatic-pneumatic oscillation of the photoelectric cell -exit exhaust fi 1 x 180 mm -abrasive belt size 2620 x 1350 mm OSCILLATION of PNEUMATIC air strips system PHOTOCELL with oscillation cleaning tape III-power combo of shoes-main motor 13 KW -belt cleaning system szlifujacego-ankle doiciskiem air-exit to oadi?g. 1 x x 180 mm -abrasive belt size 2620 x 1350 mm IV-power brush element for the main unit on the output-motor 1.1 kw -access to a dust Extractor. 1 x 140 mm -adjustable feed gear box motor 4kw -feeding speed 6-26 m/min -air consumption about pr. 28 m/s, 4340m3/h -compressed air consumption approx ...

Profile grinder Heesemann Type: UKP 22 Year of construction: 1991 Sanding belt width 60 mm Grinding height 50 mm 1. Fügeaggregat (was used for milling flat top, 30 x 5 mm were cut off) 2. profile milling unit (for fillings, Abblattungen) 3. grinding unit with abrasive pad 4 grinding unit with abrasive pad 5. Brush sanding unit 6 brush sanding unit Machine comes from the solid wood door manufacture