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used machines for mechanical handling, storage equipment / used conveyor belts / used Hollows conveyor / belt conveyor A-A 6m; B = 50cm A-A 6m; B = 50cm [ conveyor belts - machines for mechanical handling, storage equipment ] A-A 6m; B = 50cm for sale

hollows-conveyor---belt-conveyor--a-a-6m;-b-=-50cm preview1 hollows-conveyor---belt-conveyor--a-a-6m;-b-=-50cm preview2 hollows-conveyor---belt-conveyor--a-a-6m;-b-=-50cm preview3 hollows-conveyor---belt-conveyor--a-a-6m;-b-=-50cm preview4 hollows-conveyor---belt-conveyor--a-a-6m;-b-=-50cm preview5 hollows-conveyor---belt-conveyor--a-a-6m;-b-=-50cm preview6 hollows-conveyor---belt-conveyor--a-a-6m;-b-=-50cm preview7 hollows-conveyor---belt-conveyor--a-a-6m;-b-=-50cm preview8
No.: 71036590
Updating date: 09.12.2016
Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: unknown
Model: A-A 6m; B = 50cm
Type of machine: Hollows conveyor / belt conveyor

Hollows conveyor / belt conveyor A-A 6m; B = 50cm

used machine

Hollows conveyor / belt conveyor
Demonstration machine, optionally with chassis

A-A 6m (= Centre distance)
Belt width: 50 cm
Conveyor belt: Rubber strap with V-tunnel
Type of drive: gear motor
Power: 2 .2kW
Speed: v = approx. 0.8 m/s
Location: Germany Ravensburg 
Machine in stock: Yes
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