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used machines for mechanical handling, storage equipment / used conveyor belts / used Belt conveyors 27, 76 m in length & width 37 cm SSI SCHäFER for sale

belt-conveyors-27--76-m-in-length-amp;amp;-width-37-cm-ssi-schaefer- preview1 belt-conveyors-27--76-m-in-length-amp;amp;-width-37-cm-ssi-schaefer- preview2 belt-conveyors-27--76-m-in-length-amp;amp;-width-37-cm-ssi-schaefer- preview3 belt-conveyors-27--76-m-in-length-amp;amp;-width-37-cm-ssi-schaefer- preview4 belt-conveyors-27--76-m-in-length-amp;amp;-width-37-cm-ssi-schaefer- preview5
No.: 71514564
Updating date: 21.12.2016
Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: SSI Schäfer
Model: unknown
Type of machine: Belt conveyors 27, 76 m in length & width 37 cm

Belt conveyors 27, 76 m in length & width 37 cm SSI Schäfer

used machine

Properties < b >: < / b >

* Used belt conveyor of manufacturer's SSI Schäfer PEEM conveyor system
* Feet to be ordered separately
* Motor: San Jose drive systems
* Condition: fully functional with traces of use
* Ideal for the fast material handling
* Expertly disassembled and packed
* Color: Blue

Belt conveyor < b > < /b >

The belt conveyor is ideal to dovetail machines or jobs in the picking zone and to optimize the internal process. During transport, the belt conveyor can promote sensitive and different-sized containers, boxes or other packaging and article units to the task or place of delivery and, for example, also serves as a connecting route before or between production and processing machines. Also enables efficient parts in operating and storage and is designed to promote significant flow rates and distances.

Technical data < b >:

Mass of the belt conveyor < /b >
Total length: 27.760mm
Total width: 480 mm

the belt < /b > details < b >
Belt width: 375 mm
Type: grip

the framework < /b > details < b >
Height: 80mm
Width: 25mm

the motor < /b > details < b >
San Jose drive systems
Type: M01SR557 SM051
kW: 0.75
Rpm: 73
NM: 80
Reduction: 19

Tailor-made solutions < b > for your intralogistics < /b >

We are your competent partner for roller conveyors, belt lifts, inclined conveyors or telescopes to the loading and unloading of goods! Gladly we will create you an individual offer or advise on the design or Assembly questions. Just let your needs and local conditions us to.

Take advantage of our many years of experience and our excellent network of professionals. For companies of various industries, such as: logistics, pharmaceutical industry, crafts or the electronics industry we have already successfully implemented projects.

Together, we will work out ways to optimize your process and material flow cost effectively and sustainably. We can offer you even fully automatic sorting equipment or additional components such as picking racks or containers.
New in: unknown
Location: Germany NRW Krefeld 
Machine in stock: Yes
5,480 EUR  
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