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Thomas Lerch Bau- und Industriebedarf GmbH [ dealer profile ]
Herr Thomas Lerch
65795 Hattersheim, Germany 
member since 28.01.2010

used machines for mechanical handling, storage equipment / used containers / used Storage containers, shipping containers, site containers ove DIVERSE diverse for sale

storage-containers--shipping-containers--site-containers-ove-diverse-diverse preview1
No.: 25933177
Updating date: 15.11.2016
Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: diverse
Model: diverse
Type of machine: Storage containers, shipping containers, site containers ove

Storage containers, shipping containers, site containers ove diverse diverse

used machine

We rent storage containers, shipping containers, container, containers, overseas container,
Offering furniture and transportation possible - please contact us.

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Location: Germany
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