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Mr Dirk Maes
9220 Hamme, Belgium 
member since 21.05.2015

used machines for mechanical handling, storage equipment / used containers / used Rubber buckets 1210 pieces  u u Rubber buckets 1210 pieces for sale

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No.: 20232639
Updating date: 12.10.2016
Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: unknown
Model: unknown
Type of machine: Rubber buckets 1210 pieces

Rubber buckets 1210 pieces

used machine

Rubber buckets 12 Liter
Minimum quantity 1210 pieces (1 pallet)
Ca 8000 pieces in stock
Price is for 1210 pieces
New in: 2015
Location: Belgium Gent 
Machine in stock: Yes
1,500 Eur  
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