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used machines for mechanical handling, storage equipment / used containers / used Fuel tank heating oil tank oil tank storage tank Fuel tank heating oil tank oil tank storage tank Altöltank Heizöltank Diesel [ container - machines for mechanical handling, storage equipment ] Diesel for sale

fuel-tank-heating-oil-tank-oil-tank-storage-tank--diesel preview1 fuel-tank-heating-oil-tank-oil-tank-storage-tank--diesel preview2 fuel-tank-heating-oil-tank-oil-tank-storage-tank--diesel preview3 fuel-tank-heating-oil-tank-oil-tank-storage-tank--diesel preview4 fuel-tank-heating-oil-tank-oil-tank-storage-tank--diesel preview5
 No.:  68690362
 Updating date:  11.11.2016
 Quantity:  1
 Manufacturer:  unknown
 Model:  Diesel
 Type of machine:  Fuel tank heating oil tank oil tank storage tank

Fuel tank heating oil tank oil tank storage tank Diesel

used machine

16000 litres heating oil tank / fuel tank / storage containers / stainless steel tanks / fuel station / gas station / waste oil tank

According to DIN 6616/D, above ground, double-walled, incl. officially recognised test certificate. The tank has two saddle feet, a manhole DN 500 with domed lid, is used, inside empty and professionally cleaned and is equipped with the following fittings:

1 filling tube with TW closure (filler cap) and dip tube
1 sounding pipe provided with dip stick and sounding Rod seal,
1 vent pipe with vent hood,
1 new limit switch with type approval (AIII),
1 head and 1 spare socket for harvesting purposes,
1 optical leak display device with type approval and leak fluid.

The tank is painted outside violet - no repainting.
L = 8.50 m / D = 1.60 m / weight CA. 3,7 tons. / free charged ex works.

If desired:
Above container from the outside completely grind, new bottom
and completely new paint 7042 RAL, traffic grey.
(Other RAL colours are possible upon request!)
 Location:  Germany  34320 Söhrewald bei Kassel 
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VA-mixing tank 500 l capacity, cylindrical standing on 3 feet of pipe with beads. Dimensions: H total = 1,720 mm H manhole = 1,350 mm H spout 200 mm = Diameter = 950 mm Equipment in the upper conical bottom: 1 manhole approximately 350 mm 1 ventilation 70 mm 2 cleaning balls DN 25 1 Socket 1 "internal thread In the lower conical bottom 1 spout DN65 with Absperrkleppe. A bridge made of square tube to attach the gear motor is the top of the tank attached to the agitator (grid stirrer). The Gearmotor is not included in the offer.

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