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used packaging machines / used carton packaging machines / used Carton Tray Packer 70 cycles/min KRONES AG Variopac TFS-70 0380 for sale

carton-tray-packer-70-cycles-min-krones-ag-variopac-tfs-70-0380 preview1 carton-tray-packer-70-cycles-min-krones-ag-variopac-tfs-70-0380 preview2 carton-tray-packer-70-cycles-min-krones-ag-variopac-tfs-70-0380 preview3 carton-tray-packer-70-cycles-min-krones-ag-variopac-tfs-70-0380 preview4 carton-tray-packer-70-cycles-min-krones-ag-variopac-tfs-70-0380 preview5 carton-tray-packer-70-cycles-min-krones-ag-variopac-tfs-70-0380 preview6 carton-tray-packer-70-cycles-min-krones-ag-variopac-tfs-70-0380 preview7
No.: 57268983
Updating date: 11.08.2016
Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: Krones AG
Model: Variopac TFS-70 0380
Type of machine: Carton Tray Packer 70 cycles/min

Carton Tray Packer 70 cycles/min Krones AG Variopac TFS-70 0380

used machine

Carton Tray Packer Krones Variopac TFS-70

This fully-automatic packer was manufactured in year 2005 by Krones and it currently dismantled and ready for immediate shipment. It has a capacity of 70 cycles / min and it has been packing PET bottles on pads and shrink wrapped various configurations. It is designed for tray packing as well with hot glue system. The machine is controlled via Krones 15 inch touch screen IPanel which works with several languages and has ready programmed configurations for quick change of packaging format. Machine is in good condition.

Technical data
Manufacturer Krones AG
Manufacturing year 2005
Manufacturer's type Variopac TFS-70 0380
Capacity up to 70 tacts / min
Number of container lines up to 8
Number of lanes for packs up to 3
Infeed designed for loose containers and multipacks
Carton plank infeed below, laterally
Film feed 2 reels, manual reel exchange
Shrink tunnel width 720 mm / 2 x 350 mm / 3 x 220 mm
Electric power 460 V / 60 Hz
Used for pad+film 410 ml - configuration 6x4
650 ml - configuration 6x4
1.5 lit - configuration 4x3
New in: 2005
Location: Finland
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