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27.05.2017  REMBRANDT LANTECH Boxer
For sale RembrandtLantech boxer. In very good condition Few operation hours More info soon See pictures Movie available of running machine (can be send by e-mail)
offer is possible  
  NL   99327865
24.05.2017  PESTER PAC AUTOMATION Pewo C-305
High performance cartoning machine C 305 Technical data C = cartoner 3 output = 350 folding cartons min in continuous operation 5 = 5 "chain pitch Complete Servogesteuert Operation via 19 "HMI touch panel Code reader brochure folding Folding length: 65-150 mm Folding carton width: 30-105 mm Carton height: 15-75 mm output: 350-400 folding cartons min Product supply via supply chain with cell angles: item height: 600 mm Processing height: 900 mm Brochure feeding: GUK Cartonac 2000 Encoding (right,  ...
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  DE   98182685
28.05.2017 Endoline 714 carton sealing machine
Endoline 714 carton sealing machine
Endoline 714 semi automatic carton sealing machine carton sealers, mobile, very good condition, box dimensions: B x H x L = min. 140 x 110 x 185 mm, max. 460 x 520 mm x unlimited length. Machine dimensions: 1,772 mm, width 780, item height length 710 mm, with task roller conveyor and downstream conveyors. The machine adapts to task of a box automatically in the width and height of the carton dimensions and closes it. Reasonably priced to sell.
offer is possible  
  DE   98072360
26.05.2017 Cartoning machines TETRA PAK TBA21 500S
Cartoning machines TETRA PAK TBA21 500S
aseptic carton filling machine; capacity 6,980 cartonshour for 500ml; 8,000 cartonshour for 200ml; set up for 500ml slim cartons; hours run 4818; drawing number 648570500; servo driven; change parts for 200ml slim cartons are not included with this lot but are available please see lot number 167
used machinery auction RESALE 80,000 €  
  GR   96881277
02.05.2017 Cardboard packaging machines LCR LORENZONI Boxmaker VEGA 2500 S
Cardboard packaging machines LCR LORENZONI Boxmaker VEGA 250
2500S for endless corrugated cardboard or endless cardboard Boxmaker VEGA -Rotative box processing machine for the processing of endless corrugated cardboard (can be operated also with sheets) -Automatic Setup process by means of PC control -"Online" can be powered from data set -Set-up time between 5-15 seconds -Assembly: 4-Laengsrillgruppen 4-longitudinal separation groups for cuts and notches 2 x Laengsbesaeumunggruppen for the lateral trimming 1 x cross grooves group 1 x cross cutting grou ...
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  DE   92426457
21.04.2017 Traypacker NORDSON HM XIV-AG
The machine has two different base setup for traypacking glass jars which can be altered to fulfill different needs: - 1. finished carton tray size: 375x280x45 mm for packing 12 pcs of glass jars with an outer diameter of 93 mm - 2. finished carton tray size: 188x280x45 mm for packing 6 pcs of glass jars with an outer diameter of 93 mm
BN 10,000 €
offer is possible  
  HU   89902431
11.04.2017 Carton closing machines SCHUBERT SKA
Carton closing machines SCHUBERT SKA
Schachtelaufricht and gluing machine The investment comes from a pharmaceuticals company and is well maintained.
offer is possible  
  DE   87801373
07.04.2017 Folding box cartoning machines CAMBORIT Clip
Folding box cartoning machines CAMBORIT Clip
The Fischer packing plants have a simple and this stable and torsion-free construction. The machines are characterized by ease of use, flexibility, reliability and low maintenance requirements. The CAMBORITï?¢âclip has a capacity of up to 125 packs min. 1 x 2 cups can be packaged with the CAMBORITï?¢âclip. To do this from flat-lying so-called "bar" cuts shaped, that get caught under the edge of the Cup. The machine can be operated automatically or manually Display and operating elements  ...
offer is possible  
  DE   86947196
04.04.2017 Packaging lines for carton PESTER Pewo-Form UVP-2
Packaging lines for carton PESTER Pewo-Form UVP-2
Pester Pewo-Form UVP-2 automatic case packer for cartons, suitable for cases from 150 x 120 x 105mm up to 450 x 320 x 320mm (L x W X H), output up to 20 cases per minute. With adhesive tape closure. Included is a high capacity compact buffer system for cartons. Year 2000 with low running hours.
offer is possible  
  DE   86544304
17.05.2017 Cartons packer BERCHI Jolly
Cartons packer BERCHI Jolly
Bottles: -75 cl of Flutes -75 cl champagne
offer is possible  
  CH   86544226
17.05.2017 Cartons former BERCHI Formex/H
Cartons former BERCHI Formex/H
Bottles: -75 cl Flutes -75 cl champagne
offer is possible  
  CH   86544224
04.04.2017 Cartoning machine BENHIL 8529
Cartoning machine BENHIL 8529
Semi automatic cartoning machine for 10 kg. Cartons. Output: 160 cartons h. Machine used, completely overhauled, newly painted.
offer is possible  
  DE   86517104
Carton closing machines Hartwig & Co 3M-Matic 700A-I
BN 6,900 €  
  DE   83786245
07.03.2017  NORMPACK GEM 520
Standard Pack carton sealing machine GEM 520 is a semi-automatic machine of band long roll railway feeder Product dimensions: Min l 150 mm of w 100 mm H. 100 mm Max L. ∞ mm of w 520 mm h 520 mm
offer is possible  
  DE   80118006
01.03.2017 Packaging Center 50 000 bph HERZBERGER 50.000 bottles/h in carton box
Packaging Center 50 000 bph HERZBERGER 50.000 bottles/h in c
Complete Packaging center Herzberger for glass bottles in carton 50 000 bph This very modern high capacity packaging line was delivered by Surfit Kappa Herzberger Papiefabrik in year 2012. It is designed to pack glass bottles in to various formats of carton boxes or trays and then palletize them on wooden EUR pallets and stretch wrap the pallet. Line is complete from bottle in feed to palletizing and it represents the latest technology in the market and is in very good condition The delivery includes the following equipment - C ...
  FI   79029918
28.02.2017 Carton closing machines SIAT SM 26 P A
Carton closing machines SIAT SM 26 P A
SIAT SM26. P A 380 V phase 3 Established in 1999 Glue head up and down. Double top and bottom drive belts, large or heavy Packages to carry. Guide rails can quickly, the width of the boxes about fixing handles, 7bd7lmqty be adapted. Height is about crank (yellow, top left) set. Suitable for maximum dimensions: width 60 cm, height 75 cm Minimum size of carton: 20 cm wide, 25cm high.
1,690 €
offer is possible  
  DE   78867694
23.02.2017 Carton Box Former Formeca CF-12 GT FORMECA OY, FINLAND Sales Carton Former CF-12 GT
Carton Box Former Formeca CF-12 GT FORMECA OY, FINLAND Sales
Carton Box Former Formeca CF-12 GT Totally 9 units of excellent condition carton formers FORMECA CF-12 GT for sale. EX NOKIA Units. In manual packing lines of electronic industry these FORMECA CF-12 GT Carton Formers is designed to form side-glued corrugated cardboard boxes according to FEFCO 0212E standard only (see attached picture). Ready cut plank cardboards are piled in to the feeding magazine manually and the machine bends, glues and inspects the result for quality by itself and rejects ready boxes on the out feeding belt. ...
  FI   78066071
22.02.2017 M bonding semi automatic M
M bonding semi automatic M
Properties < b >: < b > Bonding semiautomatic of manufacturer 3M Overall width: 790 mm Length: 1190 mm Height frame: 1540 mm Color: grey, Red Material: Steel Adjustable head: 600-800 mm Carton sealing machine < b >: < b > The carton closing machine was developed to seal different-sized boxes. The machine adjusts pneumatically on cardboard of different formats, which can be transported by the operator in any order inside. Turmf&At ...
offer is possible  
  DE   77892507
15.02.2017  BOSCH CUT 120
Technical data -120 cartons min - clocked Size range: -min. 20 x 15 x 50 mm -up to 110 x 100 x 200 mm Power consumption: -4 kW (CUT without sticking) -9 kW (CUT with sizing) Connection value: -6 kVA (CUT without sticking) -11 kVA (CUT with sizing) Air consumption: CA 8m ³h at 6 bar overpressure
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  DE   76803432
22.05.2017 Folding box cartoning machines  BOX CARDBOARD CUTTER
Folding box cartoning machines BOX CARDBOARD CUTTER
Corrugate cardboard (box paper) cutter Make:Kooksung(Korea) Year;2015 BMJ KOREA CO.,LTD DIRECTOR:JONGDUK E-MAIL:paekJs1961@gmail.com MOBILE)+82-10-7499-2567
offer is possible  
  KR   76017093
31.01.2017 Carton closing machines NORMPACK
Carton closing machines NORMPACK
Carton closing machine manufacturer : Normpack
BN 7,500 €
offer is possible  
  DE   74360666
23.01.2017 Butter Case Packer BENHIL Multipack 8529
Butter Case Packer BENHIL Multipack 8529
Capacity: 90packagesmin, package sizes: 250g125g, carton size: 40 packages à 250g or 80 packages à 125g.
  DE   73054728
19.01.2017 Folding box cartoning machines SCHAFER  FLOTMANN SFS 414
Folding box cartoning machines SCHAFER & FLOTMANN SFS 41
Second hand cartoning machine by SCHAFER & FLOTMANN (Germany) type SFS 414 packaging margarine cups into the cartons. Machine is assembling cartons and is packagings 3 cups x 2 in 2 layers with 1 slip sheet. Final weight of carton 6 kg. Output up to 12000 cupshour. Machine new in 2006. Includes electric cabinet (Siemens).
offer is possible  
  PL   72521798
06.01.2017 Carton Sealer SOCO T 10
Carton Sealer SOCO T 10
Carton width: approx. 150 - 510mm, carton height: approx. 150 - 480mm.
  DE   71949243
19.12.2016 Cartoning machines CAM AV
Cartoning machines CAM AV
Mobile intermittent vertical cartoning machine. Cartoner incl. coding device, prefolded leaflet inserter. Output: from 15 to 70 strokesmin.
offer is possible  
  CH   71478349
17.02.2017 Cartoning machines ETT A 862 – HL
Cartoning machines ETT A 862 – HL
Carton erector with hot adhesive device NORDSON 3100 V,. Size range carton size: Length: 200-400 mm Width: 200-350 mm Height: 200-400 mm
offer is possible  
  DE   70752615
22.05.2017   1600mm corrugator
1600mm corrugator
2nd Corrugator machine Make:Samhyun(Korea) Year:1993 1450mm Capacity:4000tonmonth 1)NC Slitter Scorer Model:ASS-NH Slitting:100mm(min) Scoring:65mm(min) Scoriing Head:8sets Slitting Head:5sets Edge Control:Width50mm by 0.4kw Position Motor:1.5kw 2)NC Cutter Cutting Speed:150Mmin(Max Knife Width:1,550m Cutting Size:570mm~3,800mm Main Motor:37kw Conveyor Motor:5HP Suction Blower Motor:3HP Oil Pump Motor:0.4HP 3)Single Facer AFBF-2dsts, CF-1sets Model:CF10SU Production Speed:150Mmin Paper Width Available:800~1,450mm  ...
offer is possible  
  KR   69101411
SUPERTAPER 1A- AUTOMATIC CASE SEALER The Supertaper 1A Automatic Case Sealer is an premium grade automatic case top taper that folds the top case flaps and closes them with tape. Unique features of the machine include stainless steel exterior finish, full interlocked guarding, heavy duty, resilient side belts and tape monitoring system. Case range: 8.00” x 5.00“ x 3.00”” (L x W x H) min. 24.00” x 20.00” x 24.00“ (L x W x H) max. Line height: Adjustable from 25.00” - 35.00”. Machine Handling: R ...
offer is possible  
  RO   69101342
17.02.2017 Cardboard packaging machines ETT A 862 – HL
Cardboard packaging machines ETT A 862 – HL
Case erector with hot adhesive device NORDSON 3100 V,. Size range carton size: Length: 200-400 mm Width: 200-350 mm Height: 200-400 mm
offer is possible  
  DE   68758008
09.11.2016 Cartoning machines MARCHESINI MA 305
Cartoning machines MARCHESINI MA 305
MA305 continuous motion horizontal cartoning machine, reverse tuck, with two blister top-up magazines, Robocombi pick-and-place unit to transfer single incoming blisters into the cartoner infeed, three Rontech feeders for booklets, sachets etc., GUK Cartonac 91 FA214 flat sheet leaflet folder, Laetus code reader for carton and leaflet, end flap coder. Output up to 240 cartons per minute. Minimum carton size 25 x 15 x 65mm, maximum carton size 100 x 85 x 150mm. Year 2005
offer is possible  
  DE   68663127

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