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used food machines / used breadmaking and confectionery machines / used Dough Divider Head Machine for Bread Buns KÖNIG Industrie Rex I for sale

dough-divider-head-machine-for-bread-buns-koenig-industrie-rex-i preview1 dough-divider-head-machine-for-bread-buns-koenig-industrie-rex-i preview2 dough-divider-head-machine-for-bread-buns-koenig-industrie-rex-i preview3 dough-divider-head-machine-for-bread-buns-koenig-industrie-rex-i preview4 dough-divider-head-machine-for-bread-buns-koenig-industrie-rex-i preview5 dough-divider-head-machine-for-bread-buns-koenig-industrie-rex-i preview6
No.: 71871834
Updating date: 06.01.2017
Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: KÖNIG
Model: Industrie Rex I
Type of machine: Dough Divider Head Machine for Bread Buns

Dough Divider Head Machine for Bread Buns KÖNIG Industrie Rex I

used machine

Head Machine KONIG, Type: Industrie Rex I T5S
Built-In: 2012

- 5 rows
- maximum 3.000 pcs/h per row
- incl. filling funnel KONIG, Type: TRO 160
- Capacity: max. 15.000 pcs./h
- dough weight range: 30 - 100 g
New in: 2012
Location: Germany Nordrhein-Westfalen 
Machine in stock: Yes
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