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used energy & engines: power generators, engines, turbines, boilers / used boilers / used Steam Boiler Omnical 6,6 to/h OMNICAL Omnimat 33 HDA 6.6 for sale

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No.: 71648780
Latest update: 27.12.2016
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Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: Omnical
Model: Omnimat 33 HDA 6.6
Type of machine: Steam Boiler Omnical 6,6 to/h

Steam Boiler Omnical 6,6 to/h Omnical Omnimat 33 HDA 6.6

used machine

Steam boilers with gas burners
Power: 6.6 t/h; Max 10 bar burner: Weishaupt
New in: 2000
Location: Germany
Machine in stock: Yes
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1 mobile power unit steam container ---------------------------------------------------------- 1 low pressure steam generator Manufacturer: Omnical Type: 15 PGD 230 Year of construction: 1992 Steam output: 3.44 t / h Operating pressure: 1 bar steel fireplace fitted with a Weishaupt - light oil firing Cabinet fittings, controllers, boiler feed pump, water softener, water tanks,. Protruding parts of the plant built into a container of special design. The steam container plant has a permit for the operation of changing locations

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