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used energy & engines: power generators, engines, turbines, boilers / used boilers / used Gas burner oil burner WEISHAUPT RGL7,RMS7,RL7,G5,G7,RGL40,MS7 for sale

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No.: 71803742
Updating date: 02.01.2017
Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: WEISHAUPT
Model: RGL7,RMS7,RL7,G5,G7,RGL40,MS7
Type of machine: Gas burner oil burner

Gas burner oil burner WEISHAUPT RGL7,RMS7,RL7,G5,G7,RGL40,MS7

used machine

Our company asks for 20 years used oil - gas burner weishaupt.

We sell our burner in all weld with warranty and service.

Each of us sold burner is sought out and prepared.

We're making a movie like the burner operates.

We have currently approx. 50 PC burner in stock from 25KW - 10.000KW!

Oil burner: L1, RL3, MS3, L5Z, RL7 LN, RL7, L7Z, L8T/2, RMS7, MS7

Gas burner: WG10 WG20, WG40, G3, G5, G7, G9, G50

Combined burner: GL3, RGL7, GL7, GL8, RGL40, RGL10, RGL50, RGL11

Condition very good, 0048 510 130 451
New in: 2005
Location: Poland
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Fully automatic gas burner Manufacturer: Max Weishaupt Burner type: G 8 / 1 - D Execution: ZMD Capacity: 400-2,000 kW Gas type: N Set pressure: 20-140 mbar Year of constr.: 1980 fully automatic sliding two-stage or modulating working depending on the type of power control. Burner in Mono-block design to the left or right swing. Consisting of following basic parts: Swivel flange with limit switches. High performance impeller with Walker electric motor in protection class IP54. Electronic ignitor burner with flame sensor. Actuator control which shut up air and the gas butterfly valve. Air and gas pressure switch. Double solenoid valve class A. A solenoid valve for ignition gas class A

1 used Weishaupt Light Oil Burner --------------------------------------------- type : L 5 Z - 1 L N version : D capacity : 250 - 480 kW oil throughput : 21 - 41 kg/h year of construction : 2007 With attached Siemens firing manager

1 used Weishaupt Light Oil Burner --------------------------------------------- type : L 7 Z version : D capacity : 320 - 1.965 kW oil throughput : 27 - 165 kg/h year of construction : 2007 With attached Siemens firing manager LAL 2.25

used gas burner Weishaupt various models in stock 3 x G5/1-D (ZMD)(Baujahr 1980,1983, 2000) 2 x G7/1-D (ZMD)(Baujahr 1988/2004) 1 x L1T-B (D)(Baujahr 2000) 1 x RL3-A (ZMD)(Baujahr 1995) 2 x RL3VMU (built in 1973) Prices on request

Burner type: WM-L10/3-A Version: T Min power: 250 KW Max 800 kW Manufacturer year: 2007 Fuel: Fuel oil EL The burner was device for securing heat of the CHP plant at the customer as stand-by. After conversion of the boiler to natural gas, the burner was stored