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used food machines / used beverage machines / used Tetra Pak TETRA PAK TBA 19 - 200 Slim for sale

No.: 71532725
Latest update: 22.12.2016
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Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: Tetra Pak
Model: TBA 19 - 200 Slim
Type of machine: Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak Tetra Pak TBA 19 - 200 Slim

used machine

TBA1 19 / 200 SLIMLINE
Year of Manufacture
Machine Type
Running Hour
12572 hours
7500 packages of 200 ml Slim Package, per hour
Location: Switzerland
Machine in stock: Yes
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Filling line includes: (1) Filler Tetra Brik Aseptic 8 1000: Output: 6000units/h 1000ml each, year of construction: 1995 (2) Conveyor Belt (3) Cap Applicator Tetra TCA 47: Output: 8000units/h, type of cap: 1000ml Slim Line (4) Tetra Cardboard Packer 70: Output: 5000units/h 1000ml each, width conveyor belt: 207mm. Availability: October 2017

We offer, pre-owned: Tetra Pak A3/flex filling machine - Volume: Tetra Brik Aseptik 250 Square: TBA 250 Sq StreamCap - manufacturing year 200X inclusive Tetra Pak, Screw Cap Applicator Tetra Cap Applicator 40 - Volume: TBA 250 Sq StreamCap for 250 ml Tetra Brik Aseptic Square Tetra Pak beverage cartons - manufacturing year 200X inclusive Tetra Pak TCBP/70 Cardboardpacker - with Wrap Around Unit - manufacturing year 200X inclusive Conveyors approx. 30 m inclusive motors Prior sales reserved

Capacity/h: 6000 Pa/h Condition: excellent, ready for operation Tetra Pak TBA 8 Base Line 1000 ml Filling Machine with ReCap 2 consists of: TBA 8 1000 ml Base Line Filling Machine, Pull Tab Applicator PT 10, Tetra Cap Applicator 21 ReCap 2 and Packer TCBP 62

Condition: excellent, ready for operation Tetra Pak TBA 8 1000 sl consists of:Tetra Pak TBA 8 1000 sl with Pull Tap PT 10, TCAP 21 ReCap 3 and Packer TCBP 70. To complete an offer we have several machinery and equipment in our stock such as: Tray Shrink Packer, Shrink Packer, TCBP (TetraCardBoardPacker), conveyors, closing systems, etc. By request we take over different Service features including consulting and planning, transportation, assembling and installation. Do not hesitate to contact us for an detailed offer. Prior sales reserved for all offers

The TCAP 47 Applicator is one of the high quality closing solutions.Additional with Filler and PT one of the most usual opening and closing Solutions. The TCAP 47 combines a high quality opening and closing solution at high standart and compfort in daily use