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used food machines / used beverage machines / used Plate heat exchangers ALFA-LAVAL P13-EB for sale

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Latest update: 22.12.2016
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Manufacturer: Alfa-Laval
Model: P13-EB
Type of machine: Plate heat exchangers

Plate heat exchangers Alfa-Laval P13-EB

used machine

Pasteur (short time heater)
Panel thickness 1 x 90 mm, 1 x 410 mm, width plates: 90-920 mm, to processes: NW 40.
Corresponding pump: 0.75 kW, pumping height 11 m / 2.2 liter / sec.
Previous use:
Great Plattentauscher: 2 zones.
A zone for heating up to about 85 degrees with water, which is heated and operated in the small heat exchangers with insulation (steam heating of water, then running in the big exchanger). In the 2nd zone, after the warming zone (pipes after the big exchanger) around for 5 to 20 seconds the product again cooled and at the same time the material to be heated again warmed up. As a result, only the temperature difference must be provided. EV. the Plattentauscher directly with steam could be operated the seals could this EV. keep out.
The small heat exchanger was used for the production of hot water with steam to power the large plate.
The pump was used for the circulation of hot water.
Performance: fruit juice: heating by about 25 degrees to 85 degrees (55 seconds)
CA. 6000-7000 lt. / h output juice about 30 degrees.
Concentrate 71 Brix: approx. 1500 lt. / h
Location: Switzerland 9553 Bettwiesen 
Art. Nr. 6326
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