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used food machines / used beverage machines / used Blow molding machines SIDEL SBO 14 -20 Universal-HF for sale

No.: 72056677
Updating date: 29.05.2017
Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: Sidel
Model: SBO 14 -20 Universal-HF
Type of machine: Blow molding machines

Blow molding machines Sidel SBO 14 -20 Universal-HF

used machine

Stretch blow molder SIDEL SBO 14-20 universal RF complete preform unloader(Mucki)
Steep convayor, neck 38 mm, for normal and hot fill bottles, 500 ml and 1500 ml still working
New in: 2007
Operating hours: 20000
Location: Germany
Machine in stock: Yes
330,000 EUR  
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SIDEL SBO 6 series 2 PET blow-moulding machine for 6 molds capacity 9,400 bph. Linear oven, quick change molds GUPM for PCO 1881 shorty 28mm preform neck. Machine complete with preform tipper. The machine is in good condition and immediately available

Sidel SBO 4/6 PET blow-moulding machine for 4 molds. Linear oven with 8 zones and 6 modules. Quick change for shell moulds. Several mouthpiece personalization available, E.g. 21/29, PCO etc. Machine complete with preform feeder. Good maintenance. Machine still installed and available for immediate delivery

SIDEL ASEPTIC FILLING LINE POSIMAT RAFALE MAER SIDEL FORDS PLATFORM LOGIFACE CLEANROOM   DESCRIPTION :   POSIMAT: N-30 : Bottle unscrambler four format change overs 1500ml-1000ml-500ml-250ml Production speeds: 1500ml :6000 b/h -1000ml : 9600b/h -500ml:16,800 b/h -250ml : 19200b/h   RAFALE AIR CONVEYOR: High Efficiency particulate air filters ,adjustable air supply available for all four change overs 1500ml-1000ml-500ml-250ml   MAER TC-10/8/8 :Neck Trimmer of excess plastic from the bottle that is sent back to a big bag to return to plastic manufacture by plastic piping is the transportation of the excess plastic. Machine formats : 1500ml-1000ml-500ml-250ml.   SIDEL FILLER MONOBLOCK : Production speeds : 1500ml : 6000b/h - 1000ml : 12000 b/h - 500ml : 17800b/h - 250ml : 17800 b/h . Thermoheads . Double rinsing system and filling .   FORDS CAPSULE MAKING : Capacity : 18,000 b/h -UV LAMPS Disinfection system for the aluminium caps before placed on bottle .   CLEAN ROOM : Pressurized clean room and SAS  -Clean operator changing room . APA Rinser The rinsing machines are entirely automatic for rinsing and sterilizing bottles -sterile water rinser ...

Used Complete Aseptic Milk filling line with complete Packaging, PET blow moulding,& palletising; Year : 2001 Line, 330ml / 500ml (capacity 14,500bph) / 1 litre (capacity 12,500bph) / 1.5 litre, all 38mm neck closure, 40mm flat screw caps; Hours run 12,551; This line is supplied with 500ml and 1 litre changeparts and moulds only, the 2 lines shared changeparts and moulds for 330ml and 1.5 litre bottles Comprising Sidel preform infeed hopper and elevator with preform sorter, SRU 12/24/24 Combi PET blow moulding and aseptic filling line with air blast, UV and H2O2 preform sterilisation unit type DISIS, thermic conditioning oven, water cooled 12-cavity blow moulder, with air supply skid, product infeed and CIP skid with buffer tank, Remy 24-head rotary filling carousel, 24-head rotary foil sealing and cutting carousel, Fords Packaging Systems tamper evident induction sealer, internal clean room, outfeed conveyor, s/s access platforms. Footprint approx 16m x 11m, currently set in room approx 17m x 17m. Ancillary equipment including Belliss & Morcom 45 bar high pressure compressed air plant, Baltimore cooling tower and condenser. Packaging and palletising line comprising 3 Videoj ...

Sidel SBO 18 series 2 Reheat Stretch Blow Moulding machine, year 2001 – consisting of : Preform Tipper Preform Hopper/Elevator Preform Unscrambler Air Conveyor (1) Set of 1.5L Blow Moulds Features : – Set for Corvaglia neck finish (preform neck height 16.8 mm) – Quick Change The machine was recently disconnected from power, but was not used previously for approximately two years. It is in good working condition