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used food machines / used basic foodstuffs and animal feeds machines / used Homogenisers ALFA LAVAL SHL 25 for sale

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No.: 71803764
Updating date: 02.01.2017
Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: Alfa Laval
Model: SHL 25
Type of machine: Homogenisers

Homogenisers Alfa Laval SHL 25

used machine

A 1 104

1 Alfa Laval Homogenizers plant
Type SHL 25
3 piston machine
Year of construction: 1983
No. 59-1009D
Performance 6.000 l / h
with subsequent homogenization head up to 50 bar

Site price: 8.000,00 euro
Dismantling and loading onto trucks 1.700,00 euro
Location: Germany
basis for negotiations (BN) 8,000 EUR  
A1 104
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Excuse me: The separator is general overhould in our factory. For sale is a BRPX 213-34 S. One of the best machines for the cleaning of liquids, such as juice, milk, acid or water. The clearnes off the product can be adjusted on the inlet and outlet valves. For the continuous separation of liquids is an air-driven back-pressure valve (CPM). Belonging, also a LKH is centrifugal pump with a maximum capacity of 25,000 ltr/h. All components are together new piped. The separator has been completely overhauled with us at the factory and then built on a frame. To empty the drum, we have included an operating water module (OWM). The OWM works with air and a piston. This regulates the discharge according to needs of users. This is product dependant. So many small or a large evacuation can be performed... Therefore the machine will not be charged. All components are mounted on a stainless steel frame and equipped with vibration feet. For more information see The machine is then still naked, which means it is not still wired and has even no control. Here, the buyer can express still wishes (extra charge) or buy as is. We have built two empty stainless steel cabinet ...

Stock number U802V-7 Used stainless steel contact parts lobe pump by ALFA LAVAL type SRU 3/038/LD. Pump is driven by el. motor with power 2.2 kW, 220/240V, 50 hz. Connections have diameters 50 mm. Working rotation of rotors up to 146 rpm. Working output at 1000 rpm up to 23,04 m3/h, what gives output at 3.36 m3/h at rotation 146 rpm

The following completely reconditioned and ready compact system of SEPARATORS & SERVICE T.D. is for sale. This selfcleaning separator WSPX 303TGP-71 is clean mainly used water-based coolant, for the concentration of washing liquids like lye also waste water or rain water cleaning. The maximum hydraulic throughput capacity is 1500 l / h. The engine is a two-pole motor with 50 Hz 2.2 kW. The drum has a speed of 9516 RPM 69 DB (A). Control water consumption is 0.5 l / emissions per output. Sediment volume ca: 0.63 liters. Output of min 0.8 liters, max 0.9 litres. The separation is carried out in the separator drum which is driven by the electric motor via a flat belt. The separator can be used as a concentrator with a large heavy phase (E.g. water) and a small stage (E.g., oil), as well as the light phase. The separator can be used as well as cleaning separator (Klarifikator) with only the mud separation. The system as such is a completely obsolete plant with a Cabinet, in which we have deliberately on electronics. All functions are controlled by contactors and time relays. We laid out all the lines in stainless steel. This also applies to the auxiliary pump (bacon), the ...

Used Alfa Laval centrifuge, type HGD 610. Self-cleaning machine. Technical data: Temperature of the feed at the entrance of 0-100 ° C The ambient temperature of 5-45 ° C Interval between shots 1-60 min The maximum density of the process liquid 1000 kg / m3 The maximum speed of the bowl 6240/6235 rev / min, 50/60 Hz The maximum speed of the motor shaft 1500/1800 rev / min, 50/60 Hz RPM Counter 118-125 rev / min 50 Hz 142/150 rev / min, 60 Hz Gear ratio 104: 25 50 Hz 97:28 60 Hz Hydraulic capacity 15000 kg / h Obj?tno dump has become 5L The maximum density of the solid / raw 1046/1030 kg / m3 Engine power 18.5 kW Power consumption 9.5 / 15 kW (idle / maximum performance) Volume of lubricating oil 12 L Maximum working time without flow -misa empty 180 min -misa full 180 minutes Start-up time (min / mix) 6 / 6,5 min Brake stopping time (min / mix) 6.5 / 7 min The time to stop without the brake 18 minutes Acoustic power / sound pressure levels of 9.1 / 74 bales (A) / dB (A) Maximum vibration 9 mm / s Bowl capacity of 10 L Maximum inside diameter of the bowl 405 mm Bowls weight 274 kg Centrifuge weight 10 ...

Hot Deairation unit Aldox Alfa Laval 200 hl/h, year 2005 Deaeration plant Aldox Scandi Brew made by Alfa Laval in year 2005 is designed for produce deaeration water for brewing. Plant Aldox is fully automatic, ready for operation and it can be connected to a general CIP. Removing oxygen from water Aldox? systems eliminate any worries about the presence of oxygen in the water you use as cutting liquor for high-gravity brewing. Also it is used in the chasing water for flushing pipes, tanks and filters, as well as in water used for producing low-alcohol beer. Pumps are frequency controlled. ALDOX systems enable you to keep oxygen levels down to as little as 0.01 ppm. Equipment in good condition ready for delivery List of equipment: Deaeration column Heat Exhanger (0/6 bar. -5 ºC/130 ºC) Control cabinet. Piping, valves, pumps, etc