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used food machines / used basic foodstuffs and animal feeds machines / used Homogenisers ALFA LAVAL SHL 25 for sale

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No.: 71803764
Updating date: 02.01.2017
Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: Alfa Laval
Model: SHL 25
Type of machine: Homogenisers

Homogenisers Alfa Laval SHL 25

used machine

A 1 104

1 Alfa Laval Homogenizers plant
Type SHL 25
3 piston machine
Year of construction: 1983
No. 59-1009D
Performance 6.000 l / h
with subsequent homogenization head up to 50 bar

Site price: 8.000,00 euro
Dismantling and loading onto trucks 1.700,00 euro
Location: Germany
basis for negotiations (BN) 8,000 EUR  
A1 104
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