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used food machines / used basic foodstuffs and animal feeds machines / used evaporator plant GEA WIEGAND 5-stufig, Einlauf 15.000 l/h for sale

evaporator-plant-gea-wiegand-5-stufig--einlauf--15-000-l-h preview1 evaporator-plant-gea-wiegand-5-stufig--einlauf--15-000-l-h preview2 evaporator-plant-gea-wiegand-5-stufig--einlauf--15-000-l-h preview3 evaporator-plant-gea-wiegand-5-stufig--einlauf--15-000-l-h preview4
No.: 71803766
Updating date: 02.01.2017
Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: GEA Wiegand
Model: 5-stufig, Einlauf 15.000 l/h
Type of machine: evaporator plant

evaporator plant GEA Wiegand 5-stufig, Einlauf 15.000 l/h

used machine

A-2-101 1 GEA Wiegand Eindampfen system
3 levels (Becker included) extended to 5 levels by company Wiegand.
Performance: Inlet 14,800 liter skim milk
Concentrate spout with 45% dry matter
with thermal vapour recompression
Year of constr.: ED Rohr diameter: with control cabinet system, 4-door with Siemens control
with across horizontal tube heat exchanger
the ED body connections are equipped with flanges

with 5 levels and power amplifier
with 5 product centrifugal pumps with water lock
with blocking water circulation
Condensate pump, with vapour water pump
with lye and acid pump

smaller 1 cooling tower, internal No. 2: Manufacturer cooling tower Karlsruhe

Steam delivery approx. 6 bar 12 bar working pressure
Plant height: 7,20 m under the roof 8,50 m
designed with 2 stages, with grids

Floor space: L x B: 6.30 m x 3.75 m
Total technology is in a top State Prize site: 145.000,00 EUR
Cost for dismantling and truck loading 24.800,00 euro
Location: Germany
Machine in stock: No
basis for negotiations (BN) 145,000 EUR  
A2 101
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