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used food machines / used basic foodstuffs and animal feeds machines / used cheese cutting and cheese cube packaging line DIVERSE diverse for sale

cheese-cutting-and-cheese-cube-packaging-line-diverse-diverse preview1 cheese-cutting-and-cheese-cube-packaging-line-diverse-diverse preview2 cheese-cutting-and-cheese-cube-packaging-line-diverse-diverse preview3 cheese-cutting-and-cheese-cube-packaging-line-diverse-diverse preview4
No.: 71840489
Updating date: 03.01.2017
Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: diverse
Model: diverse
Type of machine: cheese cutting and cheese cube packaging line

cheese cutting and cheese cube packaging line diverse diverse

used machine

A3 105
Cheese Grater and cheese manufacturing and
Bag filling line
consisting of

POS. 1
cheese coarse crushing plant and transport route for the filling of the Alexander grater cheese machine
with pressure-resistant casing and back plate
with strong shaft for conveying and crushing the cheese raw materials for the Alexander-grater machine
Length 3,20 m mobile mounted on frame

POS. 2
Different blade grids for different-sized cheese cubes for the Holag cheese slicer (item 6)

POS. 3
1 cheese grater machine with rotating drum
Manufacturer Alexanderwerk
Type B 300.
Diameter inner sheath: 52 cm
Diameter Rotary sieve inside 30 cm
With kl. Control box, movable on 3 frame legs

POS. 4
1 bags inclined conveyor belt with frame, standing on 4 wheels
with control panel
Manufacturer Wolgen Lacnit, Elchingen
Built in 1989, type: 3550
Webbing width 49.5 cm
Bags width 30.5 cm
Webbing frame width 61 cm
Frame length width: 2,60 m, of which horizontal 73 cm
Then rising from 1.40 m to 1.80 mm

POS. 5
1 another track conveyor of 1.10 m to 2,20 m
Belt width 40 cm, frame 42 cm
1.90 m, band length total length frame 3.48 m
Height-adjustable front and rear

POS. 6
Holag cheese slicer
Type 120 N VA
KW 5,5, year 1988
Easy blade for small cubes 1 x 1 cm
Double blade for cubes
Height 2.10 m rectangular funnel
Length x width 2,10 m x 1,35 m
with a high pressure pump for the supply of the cheese press plunger to press out the pieces of cheese through the grille knife

POS. 7
Cheese cubes and grated cheese weighing machine
consisting of:
1 bags Steig conveyor belt for the supply of
Multiweight portion off weighing machine
Bags at 18 cm
26.5 cm wide
The Pocket belt conveyor length: 4.93 m
1 engine platform for the portion Pack weighing system with stair climb
Pedestal height OK Corrugating sheet metal 2.54 m
Length x breadth: 4.55 x 2,90 m
Highest point running belt: 4.38 m
Space OK podium to bottom edge of blanket 2,40 m
1 horizontally installed belt to the
Fill with the cheese cubes in the Multiweight Portionieren machine
Length 2.10 m, width 44 cm
Altitude below above 1 m 25 m, height 1.65 m
1 Multiweight Portionsabwägemaschine
Measurements: 1,20 x 1,20 m, height as pedestal OK 1.65 m
Equipped with 10 Wiegeklapp container
Manufacturer HD weighing technology Sondermaschinenbau Wetzlar
Type HÃ?W 10, Nr. 087
Built in 2003
e.) 1 bag cheese cubes and grated cheese packaging plant
standing directly below the weighing system
Product supply via the Multiweight weighing system
Manufacturer: HD system weighing technology
Built in 2003
Type: MO4. 0
plastic film unrolling equipment
Film width: with CO2 gas station operation
with a gas dosing System into the filled bags
Manufacturer: Witt Gas techniques Witten

POS. 8
1 cheese bag removal with white plastic link bracelet material
Length 1. 43 m-width 33 cm
Drive up
Lower height of 1.10 m, height: 80 cm
Stands on 4 feet

POS. 9
1 Boeckels metal detector MD 40 x 25
with white plastic
Chain link belt
Length: No.
Year of construction 1998
Fabr. No. 1473

POS. 10
1 automatic carton sealing machine
Manufactured by Brünninghaus packaging system
Built in 1994
Model 104

Price from site, net: 84.000,00 euro
Load on truck: 12.200,00 euro

Location: Germany
Machine in stock: No
basis for negotiations (BN) 84,000 EUR  
A3 105
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