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Category 1518: other lifts or indoor vehicles

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16 used Other lifts or indoor vehicles

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Date Photo Machine Year Price Country No.
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28.02.2017 Tractor/tractors LINDE P607
Tractor/tractors LINDE P607
Prod.: Linde Type: P607 No.: G1x126R00200 BJ.: 2004
used machinery auction RESALE 1,400 €  
  DE   78866668
27.01.2017 Electric Ant LINDE T20 AP 01
Electric Ant LINDE T20 AP 01
Manufacturer: Linde Type: T20 AP 01 Length: 0.72 m Width: 2.30 m Height: 1.30 m Year of construction: 1993 with charger
offer is possible  
  DE   73598455
27.01.2017 Electric pallet truck with scale LANSING EDP11,5
Electric pallet truck with scale LANSING EDP11,5
Manufacturer: Lansing Type: EDP11, 5 Length: 1.90 m Width: 0.72 m Height: 1.35 m Test book with scale. Battery of the scales faulty! 1988. Charger: -GFE 2430 PA -Length: 0,55 m -Width: 0.41 m -Height: 0.78 m
500 €
offer is possible  
  DE   73598427
04.01.2017 Hydraulic extendible platform with extension arm VFW FOKKER, HOYENKAMP MM 18 L/kr
Hydraulic extendible platform with extension arm VFW FOKKER,
Hydraulic telescopic work platform with similar crane boom on rotation 360 ° swivel
offer is possible  
  DE   71871818
16.12.2016 Pallet lifter (Butler) HANEU NL 1000
Pallet lifter (Butler) HANEU NL 1000
Pallet lifter (Butler) Manufacturer Haneu Type NL 1000 Ma. No. 9511303C Built in 1995 Capacity 1.000 kg Lifting height 900 mm Voltage 380 Volt Weight of 320 kg Item location: 59457 Werl The machine can be visited like to see power and tried out. A truck loading is available. We reserve the right to a sale. There is the way learned to examine suburb for sale articles. Specific questions should be clarified in advance. The information, technical data, dimensions, year, condition are non-binding and were shown to the best of my kno ...
850 €
offer is possible  
  DE   71323111
13.11.2016 Floorcleaner HAKO HAKOMatic E/B430/550
Floorcleaner HAKO HAKOMatic E/B430/550
Sold is a Hako hook Granny domestic dish scrubber for the Nassreinigsung of floors. New GEL batteries have been installed. 2 x NEW! 12V gel battery maintenance-free 46 cm working width, Flexwandtank approx. 42 litres Area capacity about 2000 m2h Weight 130 kg The device has a built-in charger Very good condition, Shipping possible.
BN 1,000 €
offer is possible  
  DE   68721872
10.11.2016  STEINBOCK EFW 3
Trolleys-electric batteries defective
offer is possible  
  DE   68678623
03.11.2016 Electric transport vehicle PEFRA 611
Electric transport vehicle PEFRA 611
Pefra 611 BJ. 1996 approximately 960 hours of operation Max. Payload 500kg Battery operated With the planned loading area. The vehicle has no street legal and is intended only for the internal transport.
1,999 €
offer is possible  
  DE   68566255
05.02.2017 Working platform, lifting platform SFG GESCHWENDA SFG 1000
Working platform, lifting platform SFG GESCHWENDA SFG 1000
We sell platform Geschwenda SFG 1000. Year of construction: 1989 Weight: 660kp Capacity Max.. 2 people plus 30kp payload
BN 1,500 €
offer is possible  
  DE   67466863
27.02.2017 Pallet Inverter GEBHARDT 330
Pallet Inverter GEBHARDT 330
Overall length: 4100 mm Total width: 4,100 mm Total height: 2500 mm
offer is possible  
  DE   62072028
05.07.2016 Suction Sweeper TENNANT 8210 D
Suction Sweeper TENNANT 8210 D
Sweeper - scrubber Tennant 8210 diesel 100 Combination of sweeper and wet scrubbing machine with 4 cyl. Kubota diesel engine V 1505, displacement 1498 CC, water cooled, high emptying, infinitely variable hydrostatic drive, automatic functions. Side broom sweeping width: 1270 mm. Machines with very low hours, 2 x available! More Sweeper technology stock, information, photos, and deals on serious inquiries - for this purpose enter company name and seat to please, thank you!
  DE   13491038
10.03.2016 Rough terrain forklifts RANGER G35/2H
Rough terrain forklifts RANGER G35/2H
Rough terrain forklifts Ranger compact (AUSA) G35 2 H Kubota engine Lifting height 4000 mm Load capacity of 3500 kg Hours of operation approximately 3300 with Sideshift with oil connections for more attachments
  AT   12764785
28.02.2017 Lift truck - electric JUNGHEINRICH Ameise
Lift truck - electric JUNGHEINRICH Ameise
weight max. in kg:1000 kgfork length:1150 mmstroke height:2200 mmfork width:560 mmtotal power requirement:2 Batterien 45 24 Ah Vwith mounted charger:
28.02.2017 Fork Lift Truck JUNGHEINRICH Ameise / E3GH
Fork Lift Truck JUNGHEINRICH Ameise / E3GH
weight max.:1000 kg fork length:1200 mmheight of stroke:2900 mmweight without battery :740 kg weight of battery :215 kg
28.02.2017 working platform EIFEL TB2A276
working platform EIFEL TB2A276
weight max. in kg:250 kgdimensions:750 x 1400 mmweight:1850 kgstroke:8000 mmtotal power requirement:4 kWdimensions of the machine ca.:1,63 x 1,50 x 2,60 mmobile hydraulic lifter, electric drive, 4x mast, lifting height approx. 8 m
28.02.2017 working platform GENKINGER EGVL 1044
working platform GENKINGER EGVL 1044
weight max. in kg:1000 kgdimensions:610 x 380 mmfork length:600 mmbattery:24 V:4400 mm:3800 mmdimensions of the machine ca.:1,80 x 0,85 x 2,85 mvery compact and agile electric work platform with forks, safety glass panel on cabin and safety lock against unauthorised opening of the door

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